In the past few months, Aman and Sangwan have dragged team SouL into a lot of unnecessary controversies. This time is with team Hydra, all just because they couldn't control their emotion and words. MortaL once again had to apologize for them for their bad behavior and things have settled down but it cannot keep going on like this forever.

MortaL had to apologize for the behavior of his teammate once again

Team SouL was famous for their skill in PUBG Mobile. But even when they were no longer the best PUBG Mobile team in India anymore, people still give them huge respect because team SouL, especially MortaL, has shown their utmost professional attitude toward other teams.

Seeing this incident actually has made many long time SouL's fans upset. While both Aman and Sangwan did increase the overall performance of team SouL in tournaments, many fans don't like them at all and only respect MortaL. Even Ghatak, the leader of TSM-Entity, also said the same that he doesn't like team SouL at all apart from MortaL.

Many fans also suggest that MortaL should find an organization to sponsor their team like TSM-Entity and Fnatic to take care of side businesses like this while they focus on playing PUBG Mobile. This might actually a really good idea.

Fnatic Bootcamp
Fnatic takes care of everything for their players

So far, MortaL has been the one to provide everything in team SouL such as the gaming house, bills, food, smartphones for other players, and an upcoming coach for the team, all with his own money from streaming. MortaL seems to be doing a lot of work all by himself to keep the team up and running.

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