Despite the fact that The International 2019's Battle Pass has only come out for nearly a month, its total prize has seen a massive increase to nearly $16 million ($1.6 million of Base Prize Pool by Valve and more than $14 million in Contributed Prize Pool, which is 25% from the transactions made by Dota 2 players on Battle Pass' related items). As a Battle Pass owner, you're like a Gabe's blessed player who is offered a wide variety of in-game TI-exclusive cosmetics and features. Here are the top 5 of those items that you will definitely not want to miss:

Bare-handed Axe

Let's start this list with this funny cosmetics of Axe. Like its name Axe Unleashed, you can unlock this skin at level 425 of the Battle Pass, use this to turn your favorite red-skinned hero into a caveman. To be honest, I couldn't help laughing when Valve released this cosmetic, considering that the theme of this year The International is the jungle. With Unleashed Axe, he won't ever need his axe again, because he will just rip his enemies off with his bare hands.

He doesn't even need his armor or anything (except a little piece to cover his secret parts), because he will act like a Tarzan of Dota 2 jungle. Believe me, that's so hilarious to watch, so you should make sure that you get to level 425 before The International 2019 concludes to add this amusing skin to your armory.

Axe Unleashed - Level 425

Earthshaker's arcana

Earthshaker is always a favorite pick of any Dota 2 team. With his 4 stun-based abilities, his role in a match is really important, and good use of this hero could win the entire game. This year, Valve's shown its love for Earthshaker's players by releasing Planetfall - The Earthshaker's Arcana - one of the most well-designed in-game cosmetics. With amazing ambient effects, the appearance of Planetfall also reminds players of Odin, father to Thor who has only one eye and a magnificent beard.

This super lit item is waiting for you at level 365.

Planetfall - The Earthshaker's Arcana - Level 365

Guardians of the Lost Path

If you're a Dota 2 player who made all your way from DotA - a custom map of WarCraft III, you must be familiar with the concept of "living towers." This year, towers in Dota 2 receive a new outfit - an alive outfit, to be precise - that will give you a vibe of nostalgia. Here is the official description from Valve:

The influence of the Ancients manifests differently in each land it touches. In the ruins of Fellstrath, the stone guardians carved to glorify the temples of the Mo'rokai have been given new purpose—and imbued with the power to inspire more than mere awe in those unfortunate enough to wander within reach.

To unlock this incredible look for your towers, you must find your way to level 335 on your Battle Pass.

Ti9 Radiant Tower
Living Tower - Level 335


The moment when Sébastien "7ckngMad" Debs won The International 2018 grand final for OG with his Axe play will be cemented in the mind of Dota 2 players for a long long time. This year Battle Pass allows you to relive that moment with a chatwheel that is unlockable at level 100. And it does not stop there: every 100 level your reach on Battle Pass afterward, your "CEEEEEEEEB!" duration will increase, and you will end up with a really long TI-hype sound if you spend enough money.

Let's take a moment to enjoy this unique moment of Dota 2 community:

Evolving Chatwheel Fg
Evolving Chatwheel - Unlock every 100 level

Exclusive Collector's Rewards: Aegis and Baby Roshan

For me, these two items are the ultimate goal of any Dota 2 admirer. As usual, players who reach level 1000 and level 2000 will receive a physical copy of a 1/5th-scale Aegis of the champion and a Collector's Baby Roshan respectively. Not only those real-life items, but you will also be rewarded in-game with a special glow effect for the fountain, a replacement for Roshan's model, and special Aegis & Roshan on the hero health bar.

It will cost you a fortune to get to these two milestones but believe me, you won't be disappointed.

Aegis Roshan
Collector's Aegis and Baby Roshan

Valve has officially announced that The International 2019's main event will happen from August 20 to August 25, which also means the Group Stage should be a week earlier. The tournament will be held in China for the first time, as it will take place in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai.