Nowadays, dedicated esports stadiums and lounges are booming everywhere. Yet an entirely new venue of Esports is about to make its first appearance in Japan. As you may wonder, Japanese is going to introduce the first-ever esports hotel in the country. This new project will be called e-ZONe Denno Kukan with eight floors. The first 3 floors are dedicated to Esports while the rest serves as guestrooms.

The first-of-its-kind hotel in Japan will open this spring

In the heart of the city

E-ZONe Denno Kukan, the first Esports hotel will be located in downtown Nipponbashi district of Osaka. The esports area will facilitate more than 70 high-end PCs, along with streaming equipment. As portrayed in the concept photo, the E-ZONe looks stylish with a unique design and will attract lots of keen gamers.

Esports Hotel
An Esports ground with extra furniture in a welcoming environment is always nice

With dedicated gaming rooms and bedrooms, the Esports hotel will serve as both an Esports destination and a staying place. The hotel is likely to attract professional players who come to train and stay for a long time. However, the capacity is currently rather limited with just 94 beds available in the hotel, with share shower facilities in the basement.

Esports Hotel 03
Gaming experience reaches another level with Esports hotels where you feel comfy when playing games

This esports hotel will open at the beginning of next year. However, further details about rates and fee have yet to come out but it can't be too extreme. Interestingly, SNK and Capcom’s headquarters are also located in the same city. As the fighting game scene in Japan is pretty huge, this would promote both gaming and travel well. If the idea of Esports hotel becomes successful, more hotels will follow suit. We will soon know once the hotel goes live and gets more review.