Esports has boomed in recent years and this industry will continue to grow up. While its audience is typically male, Esports is now catering to female athletes as well. To promote Esports competition among female gamers, GIRLGAMER Esports Festival has been around since 2017.

Girl Gamer Dubai Festival
Girl Gamer Dubai Festival

GIRLGAMER Esports Festival is the most popular event that encourages women in Esports. The event provides a great opportunity for “young girls and women across Oceania.” Therefore, this comes at a great time when more women are getting into competitive gaming. You can find a great number of interesting activities at this event. The festival will also feature keynote speakers, panels, cosplay comps, dance performances, career activations, and more.

Originating in 2017, the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival has strongly grown up with several tournaments all around the world.  Specifically, after the success of the festival in Macau (2017) and Portugal (2018), GIRLGAMER Finals will take place in Dubai this December. This very event will feature two of the most popular Esports: CS:GO and LoL.

Girlgamer finals
The event will take place in Dubai this December

Qualifier tournaments

The festival runs through four regional events, with the first one set to run in Syndey Australia. Time and places of the three upcoming events are:

Seoul, South Korea (Sep.8th)

Madrid, Spain (Sept. 28-29)

Sao Paulo, Brazil (Oct 5-6)

The final rounds mark the presence of the best teams from Oceania, Asia, Europe, and LATAM.

Format of Finals

No information about the format of the finals has been officially released by GIRLGAMER yet. However, you can make reference to the last year format. In 2018, the tournament was played out in a double-elimination bracket with best-of-one series. Particularly, the final will be played as a best-of-three.

Players in GIRLGAMER Sydney Festival
Players in the GIRLGAMER Sydney Festival


The prize pool of last year festival was €10,000 EUR (₹7.9 LAKH), with the top four teams in the finals placing in:

1, Dignitas Female

2, Team Unknown

3, eParadise Angels

4, Besiktas Esports

Girlgamer in Dubai

There is also a Twitch channel of GIRLGAMER so that you can easily keep track of all announcements, competitions and more.