OG using a drug?

ARS-ART or RuHub.Smile, a Russian broadcast talent has brought up a possibility in The International 2019. During his stream, ARS-ART suggested that it was very likely OG resorted to a drug called Adderall. The drug is an Amphetamine which can help with short-term performance. This gives the user an unfair advantage when competing in a sports competition.

Og Using Drug 01
Drugs can be used to boost a sports player's performance

ARS-ART (aka RuHub.Smile) has discussed the prospect of drug use at The International on his recent stream, suggesting that OG’s players were using Adderall at the recent event in Shanghai. Even worse, he pointed out the sports psychologist OG hired during the time was the accomplice.

Og Using Drug 02
Is the secret behind OG's success not this psychologist, but Adderall?

The stream was taken down shortly afterward. However, the wild accusation had already caught Dota 2 fans attention.

Such accusation was based merely on his own theory and had nothing to support. Though The International 2019 didn’t have a drug test to confirm his theory, it was wild to think that one Esports team won partially due to performance-enhancing drug. It would downplay their impressive run in the tournament and make Esports look bad and rigged.

How serious is it?

Another Ukrainian caster, v1lat took to Twitter to explain more about the situation. It seemed like ARS-ART meant nothing serious, just proposing some theory to his friend in a casual manner.

The Tweet reads as "I would like to issue an apology both to OG and the esports community. I made a very poorly worded statement based on unreliable rumors regarding certain medication. OG are legitimate champions - they've proven it twice now."

Og Using Drug 03
ARS-ART has publicly apologized to OG before everything goes too wrong

Though the drama was unintended and caused no much trouble, wild accusations like this should not happen on social media. People need to confirm or find any evidence to back up their words first before proposing such a wild accusation.