The International 10, the biggest esports tournament in the world, was delayed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tournament boasts an unimaginable prize pool of $40,018,195. Now, Valve has just announced the return of the tournament on their official website.

The International Returns

The International 10 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden and it will take place between August 5 - August 15. It will start with the Group Stage from August 5 -8. Next will the Main Event, starting from August 10 until August 15, when the final battles take place to determine the TI 10 champion in the Grand Finals.

Ti 10 Dota
The Internation 10 will still be held in Stockholm.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still a going-on problem, they are still making changes to the plan to make a high-quality tournament while being safe. More details about the tournament and attendant options will be announced later in June.

Ti 10 Schedule
The Internation 10 Date and Schedule

New DOTA 2 events and features 2021

This year, Valve will not release another Battle Pass because the prize pool of the TI 10 still remains. Instead, they are going to have 2 new DOTA 2 events this year. One will be coming this summer from mid to late June and the other will come sometime after The Internation 10 ends. Neither of these events will contribute to the prize pool of TI 10.

Valve wants to give players more seasonal content and event in the game and they experimented with the last Diretide event.

Greevil Dota
DOTA 2 is going to have 2 new events this year

For fans who still want to support their players and organization, Valve released a new feature called the Supporters Clubs. Here, you can purchase exclusive seasonal items. The content will be provided by the teams and players themselves. 50% of the sale here will be given to the teams and players.

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