Sports fans are known for their dedication to their teams and this is something which we have started to see mirrored more recently in eSports fans. The world of eSports has grown dramatically over the last five years with more tournaments, higher prize funds and a much bigger buzz around the games.

Of course, for those who have not yet paid attention to eSports, the buzz might be a little confusing. Below, we thought we would look at some of the reasons why eSports have become so popular over recent years. Read on to find out more.

Twitch Streams

Gamers have always been fascinated by other professional gamers and their skills. So, when new streaming services such as Twitch started allowing professionals to show off their skills live, the eSports industry grew and grew. Twitch is a huge streaming channel for eSports, but YouTube also proves popular with fans. As more players stream, the industry continues to grow. This also improves the awareness of this industry.

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Fans Getting Involved

One of the great things about eSports is that anyone can get involved. Not only can anyone join a team if they are good enough, but fans can also engage by watching live tournaments, attending events or even wagering their own money on the events. In the same way that players could place bets at a casino site like, they can put a bet on their favourite eSports team. This has helped the industry grow exponentially over recent years with more bookmakers getting involved.

Huge Tournaments

Did you know that some of the biggest eSports tournaments give players the chance to win millions of dollars? This can depend on the game that is being played and the scale of the tournament but there are some impressive prize funds available for those who manage to win the trophy. Some players do it alone while others work in teams to get that prize. Some players have managed to become millionaires as a result of eSports including fan favourites N0tail and Bugha.

Increase in Games

Finally, you’ll find that eSports have become much more popular over recent years because of the larger selection of games that can be played. Games developers have noticed the growth of this industry and so have started to create games with tournaments in mind. With an increase in games that players love, the industry can continue to grow in tandem.

Try eSports Games

The eSports industry has grown a lot over recent years and there are a number of factors why this is the case. If you haven’t yet tried out any of the popular eSports games, then it might be time to start paying attention to this industry. Even if you don’t enjoy playing the games, the streams of the largest tournaments are not to be missed. It won’t be long before eSports is competing against the mainstream gaming industry.