The recent scandal

Fortnite star Turner “Tfue” Tenney and FaZe Clan are having a remarkable lawsuit in the eSports scene. However, some people may find this kind of stupid.

Turner Tfue Tenney
Turner “Tfue” Tenney

Different approach

Tfue and his team had a reasonable approach to this legal matter by making solid statements. But FaZe Clan doesn't seem to follow the same method. They reacted to the other side in ways that can easily have negative impacts on both their brand's image and legal aspects.

And they've not stopped doing that just yet. In a recent move from this organization, H1ghsky1 - a streamer aged 12 in FaZe Clan - has published a diss track about this serious situation.

Faze H1ghsky1
H1ghsky1 - FaZe Clan's youngest member.

The video was originally posted on H1ghsky1's YouTube channel and í being shared by many people from FaZe Clan.

Tfue Diss Track - FaZe H1ghSky1 (ft. Logan Paul)

Tfue initiated a lawsuit against FaZe in May, claiming that he was forced to sign in an exploitative and unlawful contract while being underaged by the organization. FaZe COO Richard Bengtson later surprisingly confirmed many accusations are true with a Tweet, but also fiercely criticized Tfue, saying that he was a traitor toward the team and got greedy.

While both sides are having a fight, H1ghsky1 showed up. With a significant number of followers on social media, it's not hard to imagine how generous FaZe was in helping this 12-year-old Fortnite streamer to become a wunderkind.

Faze H1ghsky1 2
Fornite streamer H1ghsky1 is famous at such a young age.

Tfue also mentioned this matter on his court filing. He claimed that FaZe did the same with H1ghsky1 by forcing him to sign in a contract when the streamer was only 11 years old. They even pressured H1ghsky1 and his family to keep this secret in silence.

H1ghsky1 got burned

Bad as it may be, these claims were quickly confirmed by recent reports: H1ghsky1 was not old enough on most social media platforms and especially for professional Fortnite tournaments. His YouTube channel and Instagram profile are still active, but Twitch banned him shortly after.

Faze Clan 02
Reactions from Faze seems to be not appropriate

His diss track is about this and some of FaZe's points of view on the lawsuit filed by Tfue. Despite being in the middle of a serious situation, the video seems not to catch up well.

The diss track has been receiving a massive number of dislikes, currently over 53,000.

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