Although the hype around Fortnite is no longer, many Fortnite streamers continued to make it big on Twitch with other games.  Soaring to fame as skilled Fortnite players, big streamers like Ninja, Tfue, or Shroud are some of the most popular streamers on Twitch at the moment with millions of followers and counting. Apart from Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who is well-known as the world's most famous streamer, Turner “Tfue” Tenney is the next one to surpass the milestone of 10 Million (1 crore) followers on Twitch. See how the streamer reacts to his big achievement!

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Turner Tfue Tenney
Turner “Tfue” Tenney is one of the world most famous streamers and pro-players

Tfue is the second Twitch streamer to cross 10M followers

A few days ago, the streamer celebrated his achievement by sharing it on his Twitter handle. Apart from receiving congratulations from fans, the 23-year-old streamer is also recognized by his streamer counterparts and teammates.

In fact, the streamer was in the middle of his Minecraft stream that he realized the 10M milestone had been hit. To celebrate the victory, he chucked a beer with his partner TheDuckManX before going back to the game.

By reaching 10M followers on Twitch, Tfue has carved his name as the second most followed streamer on Twitch while the 1st title goes to Ninja with 16,7M followers by February 2021. While it might take a long time to catch up with Ninja, Tfue is being followed by Shroud who is only 1M followers lesser than him. Hope that he can keep up with the good work and rack up more viewers in the future.

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Tfue Twitch 10 Million Follower

About Tfue

Just like Ninja or Shroud, Tfue was shot to stardom as a skilled Fortnite streamer. He also joined team FaZe and hit victories continuously. However, due to the disagreement with FaZe treatment, the streamer left the clan and worked as an independent streamer. The controversy took a long time to be settled but the streamer was highly appreciated for staying away from all the negative arguments.

Apart from playing Fortnite, the streamer is also a skilled Minecraft players. In addition to that, he also makes IRL vlogs which receive millions of views on Youtube. Tfue Youtube channel has 12,1 million (1,21 crore) subcribers.

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