Clash Squad is a game mode in Free Fire that is just as popular as the Battle Royale mode. In this mode, 2 teams of 4 players will fight against each other in rounds. The first team to win 4 rounds win the match.

Clash Squad Free Fire
Playing with random players in Clash Squad Free Fire can be tough.

Obviously, it is best to have people you know as teammates in Clash Squad. However, that is not always an option and more often than not, you will have to play with random crappy teammates. For people who always play Clash Squad with random players, here are some tips for you to make things easier.

Play More Carefully

When your teammates are playing recklessly, you should be the one who stays focus. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to take a fight and get easy kills. Find some hidden places on the map to hide and take down enemies.

Free Fire Clash Squad Hidden Places 3
Get a good hiding spot in Clash Squad

Back them up

A way for players to play aggressively in Clash Squad with random players is to back them up. You can choose a sniper to back them up from faraway or a shotgun to follow right behind them. By doing this, you can make sure to get a revenge kill even if an enemy takes down your teammate.

Revive Free Fire
Help your teammate in order to get extra advantages for your team!

Don't be mad at your teammates

You will have to play with unskilled players when playing with random teammates, which is a rather common nuisance in Clash Squad. However, there is no use getting mad at them. It only makes things worse for the whole team. The key point is to be cool, co-operate and back up your team to finish the enemies.

Free Fire Emote
Try to keep your cool all the time to win the game.

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