While some of us might stop for a while to enjoy the Christmas spirit, Android did not seem to take any break at all. It still managed to release some awesome games throughout the holidays.

Golf Club: Wasteland -  Download Here

This golfing sim is set in a scenario where our earth is ruined. Golf Club: Wasteland describes an environmental disaster, where our planet is ravaged so heavily that it is no longer suitable for human’s life. The upper-class moves to Tesla City on Mars and what is left of Earth is now turned into a giant golf club.

Past For Future – Download Here

The crew behind Father and Son just developed a new point and click game called Past For Future. Imagine yourself as an upset man who always finds problems with his life until he met a woman who is a time traveler. You will enter an adventure to find her in order to take a journey back to the past.

Dragon OverseerDownload Here

This gacha RPG is quite different from all other games. Dragon Overseer is a premium game that includes no in-app-purchases and does not require you to spend hours playing it. Your chances of winning depend entirely on your skills. You will be the trainers of some dragons and fight against other trainers in single player mode, PvP, and a mini-game.


Burnin’ Rubber Crash n’ Burn  – Download Here

If you are a fan of Burnout then you should like this game – a mobile version tributing to Burnin’ Rubber 4. Burnin’ Rubber Crash n’ Burn is a great racer game for those who love speed and explosions.


Utopia: Origin – Download Here

Just like Minecraft or Ark, Utopia: Origin opens up a fantasy world for players. You will have to live in a world will dragons and monsters around. Build your own house, craft your gear, or even ride a dragon to survive.