The new Ranked Season has kicked off in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players can now download the game for free and jump right into grinding. However, playing ranked matches isn't as easy as it used to be. Now there's so much more strategy involved and you can't simply just rush into fights. Especially in higher ranks like Conqueror, elite players are everywhere.

So, what are the tips that can get you and your teammates to Conqueror in Battlegrounds Mobile Inda C1S1?

Bgmi 1 5 Tesla
Here are 5 tips to win more ranked games in BGMI.

#1 Pick Your Landing Spot Carefully

Choose a landing spot that most suits your playstyle. If you want to play passively, pick locations further away from the main flight path. If you prefer the more aggressive style, choose hot zones instead. Locations like Pochinki, Novorepnoye are better for this style.

#2 Use Your Comfort Weapons

No matter what style you prefer in BGMI, you must always have a comfort pick for weapons. To maximize your chance of getting to Conqueror, try to find and use your comfort guns whenever possible.

Pubg Mobile M416
M416 is the best gun to master first.

#3 Plan For Movement Ahead

In lower ranks, it's common to see players get too carried away in combat and forget about the zones. They ended up taking a bunch of damage from the zones, then become easy picks for enemy squads. If you want to get to Conqueror, you have to avoid these common mistakes in BGMI. Check for vehicles around the landing zone and get them as soon as possible.

Pubg Mobile Dacia Min
A Dacia or a UAZ is perfect to transfer the whole squad.

Know when to stop fighting and move to the play zone.

#4 Play With Your Team

It always helps to have a team that you play with a lot in ranked games. You already know each other's play style and preference, so making calls or coordinating will be much easier. Synergy isn't something you can have with every team.

#5 Use Throwables

Throwables like smoke and flash grenades play a crucial role in higher-rank games. A correct play with them can win you the whole match. So, to push to Conqueror, stack on grenades, particularly smoke grenades, the must-have items in BGMI backpack.

Throwables Bgmi
Stack throwables whenever you can.

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