Loot plays a crucial role in any Battle Royale game, not just Battlegrounds Mobile India. Having a good loot (weapons, armors, accessories) will greatly increase your chance of getting Chicken Dinners in the match. Apart from the primary items like weapons, armors, and ammunition, there are other things that you must have in your inventory at all times. Here are 3 loot items for BGMI backpack every player should collect.

#1 Spare Scopes

Pro PUBG Mobile or BGMI players always keep a spare scope in their backpack. The spare scope must have a different magnification scale to your currently equipped one. Ideally, you will use a Red Dot in your primary and keep a 3x, 4x, or 6x, just in case. If the enemies stand out of range, quickly switch the scope, aim, and fire.

Use 6x Scope As 3x Scope
Always pick up long-range scopes.

You can also use 3x, 4x, or 6x scopes on BGMI snipers, but you cannot spray. So, using them on primary weapons (ARs) will yield the most benefits.

#2 Consumables

Consumable items are the ones that can replenish your health in the game. It's always recommended that players keep several first-aid kits in their backpacks. Medkits are also good, but they take longer to use, so be mindful about that.

Pubg Bandages Not Medkits1
Try to heal under cover.

Energy drinks and painkillers work tremendously, too. They increase the Adrenaline level so that you get a passive healing and a slight movement speed buff.

#3 Smoke Grenades

Throwables are super impactful in a BR game like Battlegrounds Mobile India. They were once the thing that separated good players and impeccable pro players. Collecting any type of throwables is highly recommended. However, you should always focus on stacking smoke grenades.

Pubg Mobile Use Smoke Grenades
You can use the smoke to make a way to move between shelters and surprise enemies.

Smoke grenades have so many uses in the game and they can win you the whole thing! You can use smoke to blind enemies' sight, reposition yourself and your squad, create cover to heal, so on and so forth. If you watch any professional match, you'll notice the insane amount of smoke on the map whenever there's a fight.

So, do not skip on smoke grenades! Keep them in your backpack.

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