Being released in 2018, however, it was not until 2020 that the social deduction game Among Us soared into a true phenomenon and became one of the most online games to be streamed on cyberspace. While the number of new players is rocketing day by day, the Among Us Discord Servers community is also welcoming many new members. As getting connected to the game community will make the game more interesting and engaging, here are some of the biggest discord servers for Among Us in India and other countries that you can join!

Among Us Discord Servers

What is Among Us

Despite being an Indie game developed by a small studio, Among Us has outdone many famous ones thanks to its unique philosophy. The game surprisingly racks up cores of players in a short period not only for its overwhelming graphics or well-developed features but the simple yet engaging gameplay. While there is a crew of 4 to 10 players working together to complete a specific task, there will be some other players called ‘impostors’ who disguise other members of the crew to crew things up and kill others.

While the crew can either complete their tasks or kill all of the imposters to win, they will lose the match once the number of crew members is equal to that of impostors or when the sabotage countdown reaches zero.

Among Us

Among Us Discord Servers

Having more than 50 crore users, the texting and voice-chatting service Discord is the true home for gamers from all over the world. The platform allows you to avoid the bustling and chaotic group chat in multiplayer games to get straight to your partners so you guys will find it easier to cooperate and complete tasks. Apart from helping you to communicate with your teammates in person, Discord is also a great place where you can join a community of players who have the same interest in video games.

Just like many other popular games, Among Us has a huge fanbase on Discord where you can find many interesting news, guidelines, and tricks to make your gameplay better. Here are the best Among Us Discord Server links in India and other countries you might need:

Among Us

Being the biggest Among Us discord servers worldwide, this group has up to 500,000 members coming from all over the world. If you’re looking for playmates from other parts of the world, try on this group as you can also find many interesting things about the games inside.

This group is such a nice place for Among Us players to gather and make friends. There are also some giveaways events that you can earn free gifts if you’re lucky enough!

Having nearly 20,000 members with usually 2,000 active users, this group is the biggest Among Us Discord server in India. This group is a great place to get connected to other Among Us players across the country thanks to the huge amount of users. However, you will find this server trying to promote other games and features like Skribbl, Brawlhalla or Karaoke. Anyway, it will be not too annoying in comparison to what you can find in the group.

Another popular Among Us Discord Server in India for players to join is Among Us (India) which has more than 4,000 members. The ground is said to be well-organized, helpful and lobbies can be fulled quickly. Meanwhile, mods and members seem to be nice, friendly, and supportive.

How to join Among Us Discord Servers mobile

While Discord has a web-based platform, you'd better install the app to get full features. It is available for both Android and iOS devices so you just need to find the app on the app stores and install it.

You can register an account easily or sign in with your existing one. To join a server or Discount, you need to send a quest to the admin of the server and wait to be approved. You can copy and paste the server link onto the 'Join the server' section or simply click on the link you found on any source to direct to send the request to join the server.

When it comes to public groups like Among Us Discord Serves, please remember to follow the rules and regulations of the group. You're supposed to be polite as anyone who is toxic, offensive, or with inappropriate behaviors can be banned from the server by the admins.

Above is all you need to know about Among Us Discord Servers and how to join them. Visit our website for more interesting news about the trends of games in India and all over the world.

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