PUBG Corporation officially announced Battlegrounds Mobile India earlier this month, and now, the pre-registration phase is set to begin. It will launch on May 18th, 2021, or the next Tuesday. Don't miss our spot among the first players to join the battle!

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration To Open On May 18th

KRAFTON has officially put the schedule for the pre-registration phase of Battlegrounds Mobile India online.

"Battle G Starting May 18, players can register for Battlegrounds Mobile India and they will be able to play it at launch. Although a release date has not been confirmed, players who are eagerly awaiting the game can register on Android and iOS to be notified when Battlegrounds Mobile India is available for download."

Battlegrounds Mobile India Coming Soon
Secure your spot among the first to join the game!

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Details

All Indian players can join the pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Also, KRAFTON will collaborate with partners to build a new Esports ecosystem for the country. At launch, there will be a series of Esports events. Details about will remain a secret until the big opening day!

Battlegrounds Mobile India Overview

PUBG Mobile will relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India. KRAFTON will be working with partners to protect player data as well as oblige to privacy rights. This action makes sure the game functions according to the Indian laws.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
All Indian players can join the pre-registration.

Battlegrounds Mobile India brings about many changes to the classic game. These could be similar to those in the PUBG Mobile India announcement back in November 2020. They are:

  • Account sync: get your data in PUBG Mobile India back!
  • The game will be in "a virtual simulation training ground," not a battlefield.
  • New characters automatically starting with clothes
  • Green Hit effects will replace the red color to reflect the virtual nature of the game.
  • Game time restriction to promote healthy habits for younger players.

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