Clash Squad Season 7 started one week ago in Free Fire and numerous changes have been added to its ranked system. In the new Grandmaster tier, the top 1000 gamers will be categorized as follows:

  • Grandmaster I: Top 1 - 100 Players.
  • Grandmaster II: Top 101 - 300 Players.
  • Grandmaster III: Top 301 - 1000 Players.

Users definitely aspire to reach further in the tiers and this requires the contribution of pets, characters, as well as their abilities. As we all know, Chrono is inevitable when we talk about the best characters in Free Fire. It was added back in December 2020 as a collab with Cristiano Ronaldo and has no turning back since then.

In case you are not sure which pet to choose, here is our list of best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono in Clash Squad season 7.

1. Rockie

Ability: Stay Chill

Choosing Rockie is a smart choice.

The skill Rockie owns is among the top ones players can use to pair with characters that own active abilities. For the unknown, at the default level, it will decrease the cooldown duration of the equipped active ability by 6 percent.

At the top level, the skill can lessen 15% which helps players big-time by decreasing the cooldown time of Chrono’s skill.

2. Dreki

Ability: Dragon Glare

Best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono: Dreki.

Drek is one of the newest pets recently being added to the game. Its Dragon Glare ability reveals the spot of one enemy by a Medkit in a 10m radius, occurring for 3 seconds.

Simultaneously, at the maximum level (Level 3), users will see four foes using Medkits in the 30m-range. This skill lasts 5 seconds. Knowing the enemy’s location poses a big benefit for players.

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3. Detective Panda

Ability: Panda’s Blessings

Detective Panda

Another pet among the best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono in Clash Squad season 7 is Detective Panda. His skill is called “Oanda’s Blessings”. Players who use it can replenish 4 HP per kill at Level 1. Moreover, it develops when leveled up. At the max stage, Free Fire players will receive 10 HP post all frags.

The added HP may be of great importance to players sometimes in a Clash Squad fight.

4. Ottero

Ability: Double Blubber

A cute otter pet in Free Fire

Ottero owns an amazing skillset in the game. Users with Double Blubber can regain some extra EP while using a Medkit or a Treatment Gun. At the base level, the EP is 35%.

Meanwhile, the highest amount of EP which users can recover is 65% restored when they apply Treatment Gun or Medkit. The EP would gradually convert to HP.

5. Beaston

Ability: Helping Hand


Helping Hand will raise a grenade’s throwing distance by 10%. It also applies to flashbang, smoke grenade, and gloo wall.

At the cap level of this pet, the same turns into 30%. This will let you make more efficient use of the respective utility items.

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