Background story

BiuBiu, as in the name BiuBiu Jungle, is a sole adventurer living on lovely islands. However, one day, BiuBiu wakes up and finds that everything has sunken and submerged! The breathtaking sea has taken away all of his beautiful islands. To make things even worse, Biubiu couldn’t find the stars that keep his islands afloat! Now, it is totally up to you to give BiuBiu a hand, recovering the stars and saving the wonderful islands in BiuBiu Jungle!

BiuBiu Jungle
BiuBiu Jungle, a great puzzle/adventure title coming soon this June.

Gameplay overview

Needless to say, BiuBiu Jungle is an awesome, addictive puzzle/adventure type of game. The game control looks and turns out extremely simple. Just swipe your finger on the screen to draw a path for our little BiuBiu. Once you do that, BiuBiu will strictly follow such path and attempt to complete the level. There is a total of 48 exciting levels and more will come sooner or later.

BiuBiu Jungle
A game screen showing the play options in BiuBiu Jungle.

As for now, let’s take a quick look at BiuBiu Jungle in the video below:

Overcome the challenges

In his way to take back the islands, BiuBiu has to encounter treacherous treks. Because of that, he will need to think creatively to recover the stars! At the same time, BiuBiu has to push blocks, dodge laser guardians and avoid the dreadful mummies. All that hard work, only to return to his gorgeous islands that once in his possession.

BiuBiu Jungle
Help BiuBiu through challenging missions to reclaim his islands.

With many dangers lie ahead, BiuBiu has the tools to help him through the way. Wands can freeze the pesky mummies, turning them into a solid block to step over. In addition, these magical wands can redirect the annoying laser guardians, letting BiuBiu access a path that previously he couldn’t.

In general, this is a must-have puzzle/adventure title on iOS. The game will hit the App Store next week, on Jun 13th. Don’t forget to grab BiuBiu Jungle, at $3.99.