Free Fire developers usually bring forth new characters while also adjusting the already available ones. After the OB27 update, Wukong got a considerable buff and Chrono was nerfed.

Thanks to their extreme abilities, both of them have become two of the most favorite options in Free Fire. But Chrono vs Wukong, who is the better character for aggressive gameplay in the game?

About Chrono

  • Skill: Time Turner (Active)
Chrono Skill
Chrono skill

Post the nerf, Chrono still remains one of the top characters among FF players. His ability is incredibly useful for rush playstyle.

With his skill, the player can make a Force Field that works as a cover. It has the ability to block 600 damage from enemies. Another specialty of this skill is that it boosts players’ speed of movement by 15%.

These effects’ duration is 8 seconds at the cap with a cooldown period of 170 seconds. It is recommended that you have a Rockie to lessen the cooldown time.

About Wukong

  • Skill: Camouflage (Active)

Wukong became one of the most widely used Free Fire characters for any combo after the OB27 update. The character who owns an active ability allows players to turn into a bush for 10 secs.

Wukong Free Fire
Wukon ability

However, the transformation stops immediately when the user attacks their opponents. Although its cooldown duration is a whopping 200 seconds, it can automatically reset when you can take a foe down.

This is useful when you want to gain an edge over the enemies in close-range matches.

Chrono vs Wukong: Who is better?

To reach a verdict, Chrono and Wukong are ideal for aggressive gameplay in different modes.

Wukong Vs Chrono
Each of the characters is strong in a particular type of encounter.

In Clash Squad mode, the lengthy cooldown time of Chrono’s skill can be a big drawback. That’s why Wukong is more superior for Clash Squad as players can sneak up towards foes after transforming into a bush. After that, they can effortlessly defeat enemies with shotguns.

Meanwhile, Chrono is more suitable in Battle Royale mode as his versatile skill can decide an important juncture. You can use it when enemies rush on your squad or when you want to revive a teammate.

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