From the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is a real-time strategy multiplayer containing your favorite Clash characters and a lot more. The game is getting more and more popular in India, with a tournament from PayTM just concluded a few weeks ago. In this game, you would collect cards that feature Clash of Clans troops, defenses, and spells, along with the Royales – powerful units such as Knight, Princes, Baby Dragons, and more. Below are some of the most useful Clash Royale Tips and Tricks in 2020.

clash royale tips and tricks for beginners
Clash Royale Tips and Tricks For Beginners: beginning of a match in Clash Royale

In this game, players would be put into a 1vs1 or 2vs2 battle – the two sides would continuously send units against each other, with the one who’s able to destroy the most towers become the winners. Breaking the King tower is an instant win, however.

1 – Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: Choosing or building a deck

In this game, you would get 5 deck slots at the start, but usually, you only need to work on 2 decks – one for the ladder rank matches and one for the challenge mode. While you have to put your strongest combo in the ladder deck, the challenge deck is somewhat different, as there is a card level limit that forces you to build your deck in a certain way. There are also decks specialized to this game mode that’s harder to use in the ladder (take Golem Beatdown deck for example – it is pretty hard to upgrade due to the epic cards). Overall, you should not change your deck too frequently, as you would not be able to practice the combos.

clash royale best tips and tricks
Clash Royale Best Tips and Tricks: The streamed match between two high-ranking players

You can either build your own deck or just grab one on the internet – a lot of streamers put time and effort into mastering the game so that you can just follow their footsteps. Apps like Deckshop or Stats Royale can be pretty good as well. Stats Royale offers a deck based on your cards while Deckshop offers you a lot of starting deck to customize. These can be pretty useful when you are stuck.

2 – Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: What is the best deck in the game?

Actually, there’s no invincible deck in Clash Royale. Every deck has a counter – against that, even the best players would struggle. Deckbuilding is fun – but the human element is more important than you would believe. In general, just find what you like most and practice it.

clash royale tips to win
Clash Royale Tips to Win: Units rarity are pretty important

If you are building your own deck and not copying stuff from the internet, you would have to make it balanced and varied.

The below types of cards are recommended:

  • A unit with splash damage (Ice Wizard)
  • A single-target ranged unit (Musketeer)
  • An anti-air unit (Wizard, Firecracker)
  • A tank unit (Golem)
  • A low price unit (Skeleton)
  • An anti-building unit (Hog Rider)
  • A building (Cannon)
  • A spell without counter (Rocket)
  • A card that makes the enemy troops retarget (Ice Spirit, Zap)

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The main deck types for Clash Royale:

  • Beatdown: You would start your attack from the King tower with a tank and a horde of support cards following it. Losing a tower is not a problem, as you operate with big pushes (but don’t ignore them too much).
  • Control: Focus on defending whatever you can and build pushes from the elixir advantage, dealing a lot of scratch damage.
  • Cycle: Small troops and attackers. The goal is to spawn the attacker as many times as you can so that the enemy would not have enough defense troops to go against it.
clash of royale tips and tricks
Clash of Royale Tips and Tricks: 2vs2 battle
  • Bait: The goal is to make the enemy place their defense card as many times as possible – and eventually they would run out of elixir and not be able to do it anymore.
  • Siege: Defend your Mortal or X-Bow while they work on the enemy towers.
  • Spawn: Spam as many Spawner Buildings or Troops as possible. This works best against inexperienced enemies without a splash unit.
  • Custom: Any deck with the combo you like (the pair of cards that are hard to defend against like Rage + Balloon, Wizard + Giant, Fire Spirit + Hog Rider… etc.

3 – Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: Battle Strategies

The main objective while playing this game is getting a net positive in Elixir trade or "killing the enemy troops with less elixir than it costs". For example, you can kill three 4/5 elixir units with a rocket when they are clumped on top of the bridge, or defeating a single executioner with bats when they get into your tower’s range. If you can do this more effectively than your opponents in a match, you would win.

Pay attention to the remaining time and the health of enemy towers – sometimes you can just solve all the problems by dropping a fireball on the towers instead of defending. The ability to remember the cards of your enemies is also a useful skill – it would help you in figuring out how many elixirs they have and plan your next moves.

clash royale tips and tricks for beginners
Clash Royale Tips and Tricks For Beginners: There are a lot of strategies that can be done in this game

Make use of your towers’ damage. Lure the enemies into the firing range of one or multiple towers if possible – and engage them there. This would be a huge advantage.

As soon as your elixir count reaches 10, no more is going to be created and that’s a huge problem. You must be focused constantly and use your elixirs before this happens in order to free up slots for more to be generated. This is a common mistake of beginners.

Don’t deal damage to the enemy’s King tower early – as the moment it gets shot, the thing would retaliate and from that point on it would also shoot your troops. There are cards that can make the enemies shoot your King tower – you can take advantage of them if the situation arises.

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