While the recent hit FPS Call of Duty: Mobile has dominated the October 2019 news headlines, another casual mobile game is also making a killing. The mobile game Coin Master has raked in more than $508 million in lifetime gross revenue.

Coin Master is a free casual mobile game developed by Moon Active – an Israel game developer. Coin Master came out in 2016 and earned its reputation as one of the most interactive mobile games on the market. The game topped the grossing mobile game chart in the UK (from February 2019) and Germany (from June 2019).

Coin Master 500million 02
The game is highly addictive and pretty popular in the US, UK, and Germany

 A leap in revenue for Coin Master

Coin Master 500million 01
The earning chart for Coin Masters Worldwide - according to SensorTower

The game has achieved significant growth since January 2019. As compared to the $10.4 million in December 2018, Coin Master saw a massive growth of 53.6% to $16 million. The game continued the upward trend till its best month in July 2019 where it raked in $53.5 million in revenue. As compared to the $7.5 million in July 2018, the gross earnings from Coin Master have grown exponentially by 607.8%.

Coin Master 500million 03
The game utilizes the gambling mechanics to run. It may be surprisingly addictive at some point

By October 2019, Coin Master has surpassed the $500 million mark, hitting $508 million in gross revenue. Most of the earnings came from the US, UK, and Germany. The 3 countries account for 85% of the net revenue of the game.

Surprisingly, though not spending too much, India is indeed the country with most downloads. Over 26 million out of 81 million downloads came from India, accounting for 32.1%. The US takes second place with 18.6 million downloads – 22.9%. Most of the downloads came from Google Play – 62.3 million times – 76.6%.

Coin Master 500million 04
Coin Master is incredibly popular in India

However, the game has faced many criticisms as the game utilizes the gambling mechanics from the slot machine. Each player is limited to 5 spins per hour yet people can purchase more spins in loot boxes. This can be easily additive especially for children and adolescents.