Coming from developer Orientino Games, Destiny of Khando is a retro-themed platformer that is available right now for free for both Android and iOS. It follows the story of the titular Khando as he sets out on a mission to save the world from monsters – because you know, the people in fantasy games always need to be saved from something. Check out the game’s trailer below:

To achieve your goal, you will have to fight your way through a series of 50 distinct levels spread across 5 different worlds. These come in several settings as well, from lava-filled volcanoes to snowy mountain peaks. It seems our hero Khando has a very high tolerance for extreme weather.

Of course, the climate is the least of his worries here, as there will also be plenty of enemies to defeat and platforming challenges to overcome. Thankfully, you’ll get to encounter new companions along the way that will help you on your quest. For instance, at one point Khando is offered a free ride across a huge stretch of lava by a giant lava-dwelling turtle.

Destiny Of Khano Ios Android Gameplay
You'll get help along the way

When you are not dodging traps and battling skeletons, wolves, or even frogs, you will be picking up gems scattered around the level, which can then be spent to unlock new abilities. Needless to say, they will come a long way in preparing Khando for the tough bosses that he shall have to defeat.

Destiny Of Khando
Plenty of enemies and platforming challenges to overcome

There are 5 bosses in total, one of which is featured at the very end of the trailer we included above. It’s a giant dragon that shoots destructive beams out of its mouth. From what the developer said, this is the trickiest part of the game, so you’d better come well-equipped.

You can find Destiny of Khando available for download on both Google Play and the App Store right now. It is a free-to-play game with IAPs.