Helix Waltz is a new and exciting game from developer uBeeJoy. The game focuses on achieving higher social status by attending luxurious balls, dressing up properly and having appropriate manners.

Helix Waltz Preview

In the game, the player will play as the young daughter of a family that has fallen from grace. Now, she has to restore the honor and reputation of her family. In order to do that, she (that is, the player) will have to study the social hierarchy in this world, attend several balls, interact with other characters to gather the information that the protagonist needs to help her family recover.

Helix Waltz has a wide collection of clothing for players to choose from. Each and every piece of attire is fully customizable. Players can tailor the outfits to suit their preference and style. Clothes can even be enchanted to give them special properties.

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Many outfits to choose from

The game features more than 50 characters to interact with, from nobles to celebrities. Each one has their own stories to tell, yet some might just be no more than conspiracies and rumors, so players will have to be careful with what they choose to believe. Once the protagonist has gained their favors, they will have more information and deeper secrets to reveal, and some will have their own side stories too. There will also be various options for romance.

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Various characters with their own stories

In term of graphics, Helix Waltz does a good job as well. The anime-style art is certainly captivating, and it creates a very bright and colorful world. However, under that cheerful appearance lie darker secrets.

For its launch, Helix Waltz features a number of special events. One of them rewards players with a high-quality outfit called The Forest Queen for simply logging in to the game for 7 days. There will also be lootboxes (or Material Eggs, as they are called here) that can be opened for some goodies.

Helix Waltz is now available Google Play and on App Store.