Coming to 2020, PUBG Mobile had a big plan for PUBG Mobile esports India and PUBG Mobile esports in general. With the successful year of 2019 with 2 PMCO seasons, Tencent has created a whole new system for PUBG Mobile esports in 2020 with a total prize pool of $5 million. There are a lot of changes this year to make competitions more structured, refined and provide the most professional esports scene for PUBG Mobile teams around the world. Let's take a closer look at the competitive structure of PUBG Mobile this year and see how it looks like.

 Pubg Mobile Esports plan 2020
PUBG Mobile esports India in 2020 has many huge changes to make it more refined

PUBG Mobile Esports India - The PUBG Mobile Open Club India 2020

In 2019, the PUBG Mobile Open Club (PMCO) is the biggest international PUBG Mobile tournament in the world. But into 2020, it is only served as a round of qualifiers for the PUBG Mobile World League.

PMCO 2019
The PMCO in 2020 is no longer a premier league and just a qualifiers stage for the PMWL

The PMCO India allows all PUBG Mobile teams to register no matter if they are pro teams or not, giving talented teams who want to make a name for themselves a chance to go big. Teams will have to go through an Online Qualifiers first and defeat thousands of other teams to be one of the 32 teams in the Group Stage. The top 24 teams in the Group Stage will then move on to the Semi-Finals. Finally, 16 top teams from the Semi-finals will get to the Finals.

After the Finals, the top 9 PUBG Mobile esports India teams will be qualified for the PUBG Mobile Pro League that will happen a few weeks later.

PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia

The top 9 PUBG Mobile teams in India who have made it through the PMCO India will be joining with 6 other teams from the South Asia region to compete in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia for the right to go to the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL). The top 5 PUBG Mobile teams in the South Asia region from the last season will be directly invited to the PMPL South Asia without having to go through any qualifier.

PMPL slots distributon
The slot distribution for the PMPL South Asia

The PMPL South Asia has a total of 20 PUBG Mobile teams, which will be divided into 5 groups of 4 teams with 1 seed in each group. After the PMPL South Asia ends, the top 5 PUBG Mobile teams here will be qualified for the PMWL and the next season PMPL South Asia.

PUBG Mobile World League

The PMWL is where the best PUBG Mobile teams from different regions in the world gather to compete with each other for the right to go to the ultimate battle in the PUBG Mobile World Championship. It features 2 different divisions, Eastern and Western with 16 teams each. Teams from the PMPL South Asia will go to the World League East.

The PMWL starts in May and October.

Pubg Mobile Esports
The PMWL features the best teams from all regions around the world with 2 divisions East and West

World League East

The World League East division consists of teams from PMPL Thailand, PMPL Indonesia, PMPL Vietnam, PMPL MYSG, PMPL SEA, PMPL South Asia, PMPL Chinese Taipei, PMCO Wildcard, Street Challenge, Japan Championship, and PMCO Pakistan. While there has been no official information yet, it is likely that the top 8 PUBG Mobile teams from each division will go to the PUBG Mobile World Championship (PMWC).

PUBG Mobile World championship

This will be the final test for all PUBG Mobile teams around the world. While in 2019, each region all has at least 1 team in the Final, in 2020, this is not guaranteed because of the PMWL. That means there is a chance Indian teams might not be able to make it to the PMWC.

Pubg Mobile cup
The PUBG Mobile World Championship will be the final battle for the best 16 teams from all around the world

A total of 16 top teams from the PMWL will compete in the PMWC.

PUBG Mobile Esports India summary

Here is a quick review of PUBG Mobile esports India in 2020. There will be 2 seasons a year, Spring Split and Fall Split. The format of the 2 seasons is the same.

Pubg Mobile Esports plan 2020
Here is a quick review of a whole PUBG Mobile esports season in 2020

  • PMCO India: Teams will register to play in the PMCO India and the top 9 teams from the PMCO India will go to the PMPL South Asia
  • PMPL South Asia: There are 20 teams, including 9 teams from PMCO India plus 6 teams from PMCO South Asia and 5 top teams from the last season. 5 top teams from the PMPL South Asia will go to the PMWL East.
  • PMWL East: There are 16 teams from many regions in the East. The top 8 teams will go to the PMWC.
  • PMWC: The PUBG Mobile World Championship will be the final tournament of the season. There will be 16 teams in total, including 8 teams from World League East and 8 teams from World League West.

Where to watch PUBG Mobile Esports India Live

Not everyone has the ability to attend all these events offline due to various reasons so watching them online is the best option to enjoy PUBG Mobile esports tournament India anytime, anywhere. The best place for you to keep track of every official match of PUBG Mobile esports live is on YouTube through these two YouTube channels PUBG MOBILE Esports and PUBG MOBILE India Official.

Pubg Mobile Esports channel
The PUBG Mobile India Official YouTube channel is the best place to watch live matches

Apart from official PUBG Mobile tournaments from Tencent, there are still a lot of other PUBG Mobile tournaments in India held by different organizations such as Villager Esports, Esports Network, Insidious Esports,... You can follow their social media to see when there will be a tournament coming and watch it on their YouTube channel.

There is also another easier way for you to keep track of PUBG Mobile esports India without any hard work. All you have to do is follow us in the PUBG Mobile section and we will inform you of the latest news about PUBG Mobile as soon as they are available.