Fortnite update 8.0 has been live now on all platforms so be prepared for the Season 8 to begin. This season will be all about pirates. Many changes have been made to the games including a new weapon, lots of new items and cosmetics and changes to the map with a whole new volcano and surrounding areas to discover.

Here are all the notable changes that you definitely want to catch up with.

Patch Notes

The new Pirate Cannon

The updated Fortnite 8.0 Patch notes have been released and showed us a lot of changes in the game. Epic Games now brings in a new weapon, which is the Pirate Cannon. The Cannon is supposed to destroy distant structures or objects and to fire other players across the map.

One more significant update to be mentioned is Party Assist, the brand new feature to help players complete their weekly or daily challenges with the assistance of friends in a party. Fortnite 8.0 is going to have the ping system, which is originally from Apex Legends. Lastly, two limited-time modes will be brought back: Close Counters and 50v50.

Battle Pass and New Skins


From left to right: Hybrid skin – Blackheart skin – Luxe skin

Epic Games has introduced a new Battle Pass for the new season just like before. This Pass will cost you 950 V-Bucks from the store. However, you can get yourself a free pass if you have completed the 13 free Overtime challenges in the Share the Love event.

The Battle Pass will offer you access to weekly exclusive challenges. Finish these challenges to level up and make the cosmetics and new skins available. When you acquire a paid Battle Pass, you will instantly earn Blackheart and Hybrid progressive skins. These two outfits are able to level up to unlock different styles.

Challenge Guides


The first challenge guides

The big new patch comes with a whole new set of weekly challenges. As usual, the challenges will be split into two categories: those that everyone playing the game can participate in and those that are only available for people purchasing the paid Battle Pass.

The first set is out. The guides consist of visiting landmarks or looking for things like a giant face in the desert, etc.

Here are the complete guides for Week 1 challenges

Free version

  • Visit all Pirate Camps (there are 7 in total) to earn 5 Battle Stars

  • Search chests in Retail Row or Junk Junction (7 in total) to earn 5 Battle Stars

  • Stage 1 of 3: Use a Shotgun and an explosive weapon to deal damage in a single match to earn 3 Battle Stars

Premium version

  • Visit a giant face in the desert, jungle, and the snow to earn 5 Battle Stars

  • Use a Volcano Vent in a different match (5 in total) to earn 5 Battle Stars

  • Eliminate an enemy with an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Explosive Weapon to earn 10 Battle Stars

  • Inflict damage to a vehicle that is being controlled by an opponent (200 in total) to earn 10 Battle Stars

Changes in Map

New map

Beside additional cosmetics and items, there are some extensive changes in the Fortnite map for you to take notice of. When looking at the map, you can easily notice a brand new volcano in the northwest corner with a pool of lava around it. This is explained to be the result of the mysterious earthquakes that happened at the end of Season 7.

The surrounding lava will harm any play dare to come close to it and cause them to bounce away. Another new element is Volcanic Vents. These appear around the island and would shoot out air to launch any player or vehicle into the sky.

Around the Volcano, two new areas have appeared, one is Sunny Steps and the other is Lazy Lagoon.