The Fortnite Patch came on Feb 14, 2019, with new changes and challenges to the default battle royale game mode. Here are the changes that you should note.

The v7.40 patch marks the final stages of Season 7

Receive 50 effective health for getting an elimination

The biggest change from the patch v7.40 is that each time you eliminate a player, you gain 50 shields, health or a combination of them. Since difficult fights seemed burdensome for players when they have to spend valued healing items to recover eventually, the change makes it more rewarding for players to get health back with every kill.

The change leaves an impact on both the duo and squad play. To be considered as earning an elimination, you must completely remove another player from the match, not just down them. And because of this incentive for eliminating downed players, you sometimes must pick between rescuing a near-dead teammate or leaving them behind to maintain your own safety.

Material in Fortnite

Material drop for each elimination

Similar to the change in health, this change acts as a reward for players when facing enemies. A battle used to be a resource investment but with chances of low return. With this update, guaranteed rewards are delivered. Now 50 of each material would drop after each elimination.

Only 500 of each material are to be carried by a player

To reduce the irrelevant building in “build fighting”, the maximum amount of material a player can carry has been cut down from 999 to 500. A tip is that you should shift from using wood to brick during a fierce fight.

Harvest rate is increased by 40%

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Harvesting is now faster

To balance the reduction of material carrying capacity, the harvest rate is going to be increased to motivate players to be more aggressive. In this patch v7.40, players don’t have to spend their time doing much farming like before and can pay attention to the action.