Fate Grand Order is the biggest mobile spinoff game of the Fate Franchise, which is an anime franchise feature famous people in history getting reincarnated into the modern era and fight each other. If you are an anime fan, chances that you have heard about the Fate series.

fate grand order beginner's guide
Fate Grand Order Beginner's Guide: Fate is one of the most popular franchise in Japan

Overall, Fate Grand Order or FGO is one of the most successful mobile games of all time, if not the best. As of 2019, the game has grossed over $4 billion worldwide. It was the world's top-grossing mobile game during the 2020 New Year period, ahead of fellow JRPG title Monster Strike.

In this Fate Grand Order Beginner Guide, we would list out everything you need to know when starting the game for the first time.

1 - What to do after the tutorial?

Overall, you should consider going through the story until you hit a wall and cannot advance anymore. It is possible to switch to EXP grinding immediately, but doing so would get your character over-leveled and provide much less challenge playing the game.

Fate Grand Order Beginner Guide
Fate Grand Order Beginner Tips: Story maps

The available quest types in the game:

Quest Types Rewards
Story Holy Grail and Servants unlocks.
Free Revisit story locations for free Saint Quartz.
Interludes Servant backstory and power-ups for a skill of your servant.
Dailies A rotating selection of quests for items grinding.
Events Limited-time quests for exclusive event items and materials

Daily Quests Types

Ember Gather Farm Ember Cards to level up Servants
Treasure Hunt Farm QP, the game's currency for upgrade Servants and Craft Essences.
Training Grounds Farm Ascension materials for your Servants

Fate Grand Order Beginner Guide

Most quests in the game would cost AP. In the early game, this is not a problem as your full AP bar would be refilled when your character level up... and in the early game, you get that very frequently. It also recovers at a pretty quick rate: you get 1 AP every 5 minutes.

2 - How to Bind your FGO Account

Using Bind Codes

Fate Grand Order is a pretty dated game - it does not have the popular "social media account binding" featured in most games today. This is the reason why you should bind your account as soon as possible. You cannot transfer your game data to another device without this.

Fate Grand Order Beginner Guide
Fate Grand Order Beginner Guide: How to bind your account

Use My Room > Issue Transfer Number to create a one-time transfer code. After you input a password, a 10 digits code would be generated for your account. After the code is used, your old device would not be able to access the account.

Write it down, take a screenshot and save them in a safe place. Try to do this every time you transfer your account to a new device, as codes only work once.

Recover your Account without Transfer Number

Customer supports might be able to recover your account if you have the following information:

  • Name (My Room > Master Profile)
  • Birthday (My Room > Master Profile)
  • Friend Code (Home Screen)
  • Servants and Craft Essences roster
  • Saint Quartz purchases

3 - How to Reroll in FGO

After the tutorial, you would be able to do a free 10 rolls - and in that certain roll, a 4 stars or 5 stars character is guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the Servants you got, you can just reset your account by deleting the game (or just clear app data if you are using Android). Get a bind code first, just in case you change your mind.

fate grand order beginner guide reroll
Fate Grand Order Beginner Guide Reroll: Getting your Dream start is not that easy

As the tutorial needs over 20 minutes to be completed - it is best that you have a spare device if you are going to try rerolling. The best starter Servants are Hercules and Carmila.

4 - Get Powerful Friends as soon as Possible

This is somewhat of a clutch so that you would be able to beat hard content and use Servants that you don't have. Usually, you should pick support servants like Zhuge Liang or Merlin or Skadi, however, it is best to just pick what your lineup lacks - if you don't have a damage dealer, get your friend's support.

Fate Grand Order Beginner Tips
Fate Grand Order Beginner Tips: Try to get more powerful friends

5 - How to Create your Servant Lineup

You probably would not be able to gather a full lineup of SSR Servants yet... however, many common servants are up for the task in this game. The best part is that you would get many duplicates of them, making leveling up their Noble Phantasm or ultimate ability relatively trivial.

Fate Grand Order Beginner Guide

Typically, you would need to level up a support servant for each class. Check out the servant's individual skills pages and try to find a team that compliments each other. For example, Cu Chulainn, a Quick servant, could be supported by Skadi, a Servant with an ability that increases Quick cards performance.

Below is a list of a few low rarity useful servants from all classes

Shielder Mash Kyrieknight
Saber Caesar, Bedivere
Archer Robin Hood, Arash, David
Rider Georgios, Ushiwakamaru
Caster Medea, Andersen, Paracelsus
Assassin Sasaki, Cursed Arm Hassan, Okada
Lancer Cu Chulainn, Leonidas
Berserker Lu Bu, Asterios

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