PUBG Mobile was the most popular mobile game in India until it got banned in September 2020. Soon after that FAU-G, a level-based story mode shooter game was announced by the famous actor Akshay Kumar. This game was developed by nCore Games, a Bengaluru-based company. the game is set to be released on January 26, 2021.

Fau G Vs Pubg

Ever since the game was announced, fans have been trying to compare the 2 games to see which one will be better. Let's hear what pro esports players have to say about this.


The pro player thinks that it doesn't make sense to compare 2 games because you play against other players in PUBG Mobile while you play through the story mode in FAU-G.

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He is definitely excited to try out the game when it is released on January 26.

I don't think we can even compare the two of them as PUBG Mobile's battle royale is competitive, but FAU-G might be a story game which will end as soon as the story finishes."


Snax is excited to see FAU-G's graphics, story, and shooting gameplay. He has the same thought as Sangwan that we cannot compare the two games together because they are 2 completely different games.

Ocean Sharma

Ocean Sharma thinks that FAU-G will never be able to get to the emotional level as PUBG Mobile did to many players. There might be some support for the game and everyone will want to try it out the day it is released. However, the rest "depends on the audience takes it".

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Maxtern thinks FAU-G won't be able to defeat PUBG Mobile but it will be a great opportunity for Indian fans to have some fun playing a game made by Indian developers. He also doesn't think that it is fair to judge the game when it is released because PUBG Mobile wasn't that good when it was first released.


Blaezi believes that FAU-G will get as popular as PUBG Mobile, but only for some time because its story mode will end eventually. He loves to see if Indian developers can make a game that can rival PUBG Mobile though.


Novaking thinks that the developers have done a great job marketing the game so there will be a huge number of downloads on its launch. However, he thinks that people will also delete the game after they have finished the storyline.

Ph Novaking

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