Playing Genshin Impact, gamers can use a ton of items to prevent themselves from fainting after getting too much damage or to buff themselves in the match. Although not all Genshin Impact food recipes are easy to craft and collect, processing ingredients is surely a fan favorite.

Among all dishes, the one recipe that usually comes to players’ minds is Flaming Red Bolognese thanks to its ease of crafting and a handful of healing stats it offers. This common food can be a fantastic help when you are in the midst of a long battle. Take a look at the Flaming Red Bolognese Genshin Impact location and how you can make it.

Good Hunter
Below is the guide on how to unlock Flaming Red Bolognese and where to find its ingredients.

1. Flaming Red Bolognese Genshin Impact location

Genshin Impact players can buy the recipe for Flaming Red Bolognese from the Good Hunter store located in Mondstadt. It is in the heart of Mondstadt and also sells cooking materials, recipes, and supplies.

As regards how to unlock Flaming Red Bolognese”, players first have to reach Adventure Rank 20 by completing quests and quickly increasing their rank. Once achieving Rank 20, collect 2,500 Mora and they can buy Flaming Red Bolognese recipe.

Good Hunter flaming red bolognese genshin impact location
Head to the Good Hunter store in Mondtstadt to get the Flaming Red Bolognese recipe.

2. Flaming Red Bolognese ingredients

Once players have learned the Flaming Red Bolognese Genshin Impact location and unlocked the recipe, it is time to cook it. The cooking pot is right next to the place where you purchased the recipe. Just head to the cooking pot and choose the ingredients to have it processed.

The required Flaming Red Bolognese ingredients are:

  • Flour x 2
  • Raw Meat x 2
  • Tomato x 1
Flaming Bolognese
The ingredients are common and not hard to find.

All of these materials are not hard to get. Here are the locations where you farm all of them:

How to get flour

To find flour, you must visit the Good Hunter store in Mondstadt. Talk to Sara – the Good Hunter Waitress and purchase the amount you want from her.

On another hand, flour is usually obtained as drops and can be found in the open world. Make sure to stock it up in case you are in need.

Buy flour from the Good Hunter restaurant.

How to get raw meat

Most wildlife in Genshin Impact drops a few raw meat pieces except for birds which instead drop fowl. There are three ways to get raw meat in Genshin: hunt animals, buy with Mora, or get from expeditions.

  • The most straightforward method to farm raw meat in Genshin Impact is to hunt wild animals around Teyvat and Liyue. Tons of boars can be seen in the highlands around Brightcrown Canyon. Because these creatures will run away if seeing one of them killed, you need to be careful and quick at the same time. Use bow-users (Ganyu, Venti, Sara) or a character that has long-ranged AoE attacks to take multiple down at once.
  • If players do not want to hunt boars and push them near extinction, they can buy raw meat with Mora. Instead of the Good Hunter, head to Springvale in Mondstadt and talk to Draff.
  • You may also acquire raw meat from expeditions in Windrise. While you can get from 8 to 12 raw meat every hour this way, you can reduce the Mondtstadt expedition time by using Bennett or Fischl.
Boar Raw Meat
The more raw meat you have, the more dishes you can cook at a campfire.

How to get tomatoes

For tomatoes in Genshin Impact, you can find them in three locations: in the wild, sold in Mondstadt’s General Goods, and sold by Second Life, all for 120 Mora.

3. Genshin Impact Flaming Red Bolognese effects

Flaming Red Bolognese is covered with meat sauce. Its herby, meaty aroma will get your appetite going.

On the scale of its quality, the Flaming Red Bolognese Genshin Impact regenerates 18/20/22% of Max health points and restores 300/390/470 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds for every party member.

Similar to other in-game foods, the dish does not have an effect on other players in Co-Op mode.

Mysterious Bolognese
Genshin Impact Mysterious Bolognese is different as it is made by Lisa.

On another hand, Mysterious Bolognese is a specialty food item that players have a chance to get by cooking Flaming Red Bolognese with Lisa. You can also get in on Lisa’s birthday from the in-game mailbox.

If you have managed to find Flaming Red Bolognese Genshin Impact location and crafted it, don’t miss the chance to make the legendary Mysterious Bolognese which has these promising effects:

  • Restores 28% Max HP to the selected character.
  • Regenerates 570 HP every 5 seconds in 30 seconds.

4. How to complete Give Two Servings of Flaming Red Bolognese to Geri quest

The Flaming Red Bolognese is also related to a mini-quest that players can complete in no time.

To finish the “Give two servings of Flaming Red Bolognese to Geri” reputation quest, players have to give Geri in Liyue City two Flaming Red Bolognese servings. Players can make use of Liyue’s Sea of Clouds waypoint to quickly head to the spot.

Once having reached the waypoint, go straight and you shall find Geri on the right. Now, choose the marked options with a yellow quest marker and give the two servings in. Rewards will go into your collection after you completed the mission.

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