Stove God Genshin Impact is Guoba - which is also known as Marchosias Genshin. According to the story of Genshin Impact, Guoba is the God of the Stove and Patron God of the Soil. This God also lives in Guili Assembly in Liyue like Morax. Check out his role at the Moonlight Merriment event in this country here.

God Of Stove
Genshin Impact Stove God, or Guoba, is introduced in the story teaser titled Flavors of the World.

God Of Stove Genshin Impact Profile

Stove God, or Guoba, appeared in the story teaser titled Flavors of the World of Moonlight Merriment event in Genshin Impact. He was one of the survivors after the Archon War who joined hands to establish Liyue. Guoba started to follow Xiangling in her adventure after she gave him some food.

When you use Xiangling's elemental skill, she will launch Guoba on the battlefield. Guoba can breathe fire to burn enemies in the range of fight. You can also summon him to start the fire to cook at outdoor fireplaces or stoves.

Guoba Elemental Skill
Xiangling summons Guoba with her elemental skill.

Stove God Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment

Stove God Genshin Impact is a character in the Moonlight Merriment event. He appears in two quests of this festival, including:

  • One for the Foodies, Two for the Show
  • Three to Get Ready, and Here We Go

In these quests, players will talk to three featured characters of the event, including Xiangling, Keqing, and Ningguang, and many NPCs in Liyue to get different challenges. You also find Gouba accompanying Xiangling in those scenes, such as the scene in Wangshu Inn restaurant and the scene in Wanmin Restaurant of Chef Mao in Liyue Harbor.

Guoba Is The God Of Stove In Liyue
Guoba is the God Of Stove in Liyue.

FAQs About Stove God Genshin Impact

Here are some popular questions about Guoba in Genshin Impact. Let's go to find the answer here.

#1. Is Guoba a Godin Genshin Impact?

Guoba is the Stove God in Liyue Genshin Impact. Although he is not an Archon like Morax, Guoba is still worshiped in Shrines in this country.

#2. How many times does Guoba attack?

Guoba will breathe fire to burn enemies in one direction when he is summoned by Xiangling. This God of Stove will attack four times when he is on the battleground.

Guoba Will Attacks Four Times
Guoba will attack four times during 10 seconds he is on the battleground.

#3. Is Guoba a panda Genshin?

Guoba looks like a bear. In fact, he is a form of bipedal panda-like creature that looks like a panda. There is a symbol on his back that resembles a simplified Pyro symbol.

#4. How long does Guoba last?

After being summoned to the battlefield, Guoba will attack in 10 seconds. Then, he will disappear until the next time Xiangling summons him.

Guoba Genshin Impact
Guoba Genshin Impact looks like a panda.

Genshin Interactive Map Moonchase Charms

Genshin's Path of Gentle Breezes and Path of Stalwart Stone have been unlocked. The last adventure titled Path of Austere Frost will be unlocked on October 11th, 2021. In these exploration challenges, players have to explore different areas in three regions, including Liyue (Path of Stalwart Stone), Mondstadt (Path of Gentle Breezes), and Snezhnaya (Path of Austere Frost). All these three countries are on the Teyvat continent.

Guoba In Mooncharm Festival
Guoba accompanies Xiangling in Mooncharm Festival.

Here are the locations of Moonchase Charms in Mondstadt and Liyue that you have to visit and collect this item.

#1. Path of Stalwart Stone Moonchase Charm Locations

There are 30 Moonchase Charms in the first adventure of the Moonlight Seeker event. They are scattered in the valley and at high mountain cliffs ranging from Mt. Aocang to the north Ravine of Nantianmen. Here are all locations of Moonchase Charms in this area.

  • Mt. Aocang has 3 charms.
  • The valley from Mt. Aocang to the East of Mt. Hulao: These charms often spawn on the water surface of the river, on big trees, and on cliffs.
  • Qingyun Peak: from this peak, you glide towards the valley to collect Moonchase Charms.
  • The north Ravine of Nantianmen has a Charm.

Moonchase Charms will be marked on the mini-map. Besides, if you get close to the spot of Moonchase Charms, the mark of these charms will be highlighted.

Moonchase Charms
There are 30 Moonchase Charms in Path of Stalwart Stone.

#2. Path of Gentle Breezes Moonchase Charm Locations

Moonchase Charm locations in Path of Gentle Breezes gather around the Starfell Lake. There are only 20 Moonchase Charms in the Path of Gentle Breezes event. Here are all locations of Moonchase Charms in Monstadt.

  • Starnatch Cliff has 6 charms.
  • Around the Starfell Lake has 2 charms.
  • Northeast side of the Whispering Woods, there are 5 charms.
  • On the bank of Cider Lake, there are 2 charms.
  • Along the south cliff of Stormbearer Mountains, there are 5 charms.

This area has dense forests. Therefore, you need to check out bushes and trees carefully to spot Moonchase charms hidden inside. Besides, there are many charms floating next to high mountain cliffs.

Gentle Breeze
Moonchase Charm locations in Path of Gentle Breezes.

#3. Path of Austere Frost Moonchase Charm Locations

Locations of Moonchase Charms in Path of Austere Frost focus on the north part of Snezhnaya. There are 20 charms and 30 chests to collect at this event. You can collect them in the area around Wyrmrest Valley, Entombed City - Outskirts, and Snow-Covered Path.

Those are all about Stove God Genshin Impact - Guoba. He is the adventure partner of Xiangling on the battleground who is summoned by her elemental skill.

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