Triple-Layered Consomme is a 3-star DEF-Boosting dish in Genshin Impact. It's very useful to protect your characters and reduce the damage they take from enemies' attacks. Check out the Triple-Layered Consomme recipe and where to get it here.

Chef Mao
You can buy this food recipe from Chef Mao.

Triple-Layered Consomme Recipe Location

Many beginners haven't known where to get Triple-Layered Consomme Genshin Impact. The recipe of Triple-Layered Consomme Genshin Impact is available at Chef Mao's Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor. You can find Wanmin restaurant Genshin Impact map mark near the Adventure Guild.

Also note that you can only buy Triple-layered Consomme recipe after reaching Adventure Rank level 25.

Genshin Impact players can also find many other Chinese recipes at Chef Mao location Genshin Impact, such as Jueyun Chili ChickenCrystal Shrimp, etc. Moreover, you can also buy some food ingredients that are used for Asian recipes from him.

Besides, Chef Mao's kitchen is free to use. Therefore, you can cook Triple-Layered Consomme right here after purchasing the recipe.

Visit Liyue
It's a must-try food in Liyue.

Triple-Layered Consomme Recipe

After buying the recipe, players will know which ingredients they need by starting cooking. Triple-Layered Consomme is a neatly and beautifully arranged dish that presents the subtle cuisine of Chinese cooking art.

The chef slices ham, fowl, and bamboo shoots into threads of equal size and length. Then, he lay them into a soup bowl and steam it at high heat. Finally, he covers it with consommé. Each layer has a distinct color. This delicious dish tastes salty yet fresh.

Triple Layered Consomme
Triple-Layered Consomme recipe.

Triple-Layered Consomme has four main ingredients that players have to collect, including:

  • Ham x2.
  • Fowl x2.
  • Bamboo shoot x1.
  • Mushroom x1.

These ingredients can be found in the wild or purchased in some shops and restaurants. You can cook this dish in fireplaces, restaurant kitchens, or Adepti Seeker's Stove.

Cooking In Genshin Impact
You can cook this dish in all kitchens and fireplaces in Genshin Impact.

Ingredients Farming Guide

You can find ham, fowl, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms in different places around Teyvat. Some of them need to be processed while some are exclusive ingredients in Liyue. Check out how to farm ingredients to cook Triple-Layered Consomme here.

#1. How To Get Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo shoot is a native plant that you can farm in Liyue only. There are two ways to get Bamboo shoots in Liyue, including farming in the wild and purchasing. To farm bamboo shoots in the wild, players need to travel to bamboo forests in Liyue.

Bamboo Shoot
Bamboo shoots only spawn in bamboo forests.

Here are some recommended locations to pick up bamboo shoots.

  • Qingce Village: this village has a large bamboo forest. Traversing around the village to collect about 19 bamboo shoots in Qingce Village.
  • Yujing Terrace, Liyue Harbor: You can also find some bamboo shoots in the small forest in Yujing Terrace.

Alternatively, you can purchase 10 bamboo shoots per day at Wanmin Restaurant of Chef Mao in Liyue Harbor. Each bamboo shoot costs 215 Mora.

Pick Up A Bamboo Shoot
Bamboo shoot is a native plant that you can farm in Liyue only.

#2. How To Get Mushroom

Mushroom is more popular than bamboo shoot. This vegetable appears in many places in Liyue and Mondstadt. You can collect up to 438 mushrooms in the wild. Mushrooms mostly grow in Mondstadt.

Here are some places where you can farm hundreds of mushrooms per day.

  • In Monstadt: Dadaupa Gorge; Springvale; Around Mondstadt city, especially at the entrance of the city; Around Starfell lake;  Stormbearer Point; Brightcrown Canyon and Stormterror's Lair; and Dawn Winery.
  • In Liyue: Wuwang Hill; Dihua Marsh; Guili Plains, and around Luhua Pool.

Alternatively, mushrooms are also available to purchase at Chef Mao's restaurant. He sells you 10 mushrooms per day at the price of 160 Mora per item. Besides, you can also grow this ingredient in the Serenitea Pot's land. It can grow on A Path of Value: Jade Field. Each crop lasts 70 hours.

Pick Up Mushroom
Pick up over 400 mushrooms in the wild.

#3. How To Get Ham

Ham is the smoked leg meat. You can get Ham Genshin Impact from processing ingredients and buy it from Chef Mao in Liyue and Sara in Mondstadt.

  • To get Ham from meat, you go to the Process section in the Cooking screen. You need 2 pieces of raw meat and a jar of salt to process Ham.
  • Buy 10 Hams per week from Triple-Layered Consomme recipe location - Chef Mao and 10 items from Sara at the price of 630 Mora per item.
Process Ham
You need two pieces of raw meat and a jar of salt to process Ham.

#4. How To Get Fowl

There are three ways to get fowls in Genshin Impact.

  • Hunt birds in the wild to get fowls.
  • Buy 10 fowls from Draff in Springvale, Mondstadt every day.
  • Farm 1~12 fowls per 4~20 hours from Expeditions in Windrise in Mondstadt and Nazuchi Beach in Inazuma.

This 3-star dish requires 10 perfect cooking times to master and unlock the auto-cook mode.

Kill Birds To Get Fowls
Go hunting birds to get fowls in Genshin Impact.

Triple-Layered Consomme Effects

Triple-Layered Consomme is a 3-star DEF-boosting dish that helps increase the Shield Strength of all party members by 20-30% for 300 seconds. It helps reduce the damage your characters take from enemies' attacks. Therefore, you should consume it before countering mobs and bosses. After 300 seconds, you have to stop and consume this dish again if you are still in the battle.

In conclusion, Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor is the Triple-Layered Consomme recipe location. This DEF-boosting dish is very useful in combat. Just pick up all ingredients to cook it now.

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