In Genshin Impact, the Hydro vision is said to be connected to HP. The majority of characters with Hydro vision may have huge amounts of health and get stronger with this stat. However, the Hydro Archon Focalors may have useful skill sets that are totally in contrast with this trend, if the leaked information is correct.

Special Hydro Archon skill

Specifically, a Twitter account called HutaoLover77 revealed that according to the leaker Uncle HA, Focalors will possess a special ult. She might be capable of creating a large AOE and every character that enters this area will constantly lose health. In return, the damage they can deal will increase dramatically.

Focalors Skill
Focalors skill leak is said to involve a field that reduces HP yet increases DMG.

Moreover, this effect has no end and can cause characters on the field to fall. In that case, shield characters like Layla or Zhongli may still not be the most ideal options. Instead, you will need Kokomi, Baizhu, or other great healers in the game to include in your team.

If this does happen, Focalors would not be the first character who consumes their own or a team member's HP whenever they use their skill. Kuki Shibonu also has an Elemental Skill that creates a Grass Ring of Sanctification sacrificing HP. Similarly, Xiao loses his health points over time whenever he utilizes his Elemental Burst.


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Other Focalors skill leak

Another Focalors skill leak has revealed that for some reason, this character will have the ability to manipulate gravity in her Elemental Burst. Although it is unclear what this means, gamers are hoping that the Hydro Archon will possess the crowd control ability to gather monsters like Kazuha or Venti. Currently, all the characters with this gathering ability belong to the Anemo line.

This might be a limitation when gamers need to collect monsters but they do not have any Anemo character in their team.

Focalors Venti Meldelmel
Will Focalors have a crowd control ability like the likes of Venti and Kazuha?

Meanwhile, Focalors is also expected to be a damage buffer, making her a good support unit. Based on past speculations, all Archons have proved their status as the top powerful characters. And as the Hydro Archon is the God of Justice, many believe that she will likely be very strong and could enter the ranking of the strongest Hydro units in Genshin Impact soon.

Focalors Hydro Archon
You can aim for other characters before the official release of Hydro Archon Focalors.

Currently, the Genshin Impact gaming community has just entered patch 3.6. As the next Archon's release is quite far from now, her skills can be modified. If on schedule, Focalors may be released in 4.1 or 4.2, which is about 6-8 months away.

In the short term, you can shoot Nilou or save for the upcoming 5-star characters Baizhu, Ganyu (3.6) and Yae Miko, Yoimiya, Alhaitham, and Kazuha in patch 3.7.

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