Pro Fornite gamer Moqii, aged 14, was sacked by Gen.G after she made an offensive joke on Twitter. Although she soon removed the tweet, it immediately went viral on social networks and made tens of thousands of netizens angry about her joke. It is obvious that Gen. G didn’t feel happy about its gamer’s behavior and within only 45 minutes, the organization decided to say goodbye to her.

The tweet made Moqii sacked by Gen G.

Moqii then announced her parting ways with Gen. G, as well as sent big love to it. The pro gamer also said further that the mistake belonged to her.

Moqii is amongst the most prominent Fortnite players, and of course, she is known as the No.1 Fortnite female gamer. Four months ago, she became a winner in a Fortnite event - that was also the first one she participated in. This event also helped her become the first female gamer to win such an event. She then revealed that her total winnings on Fortnite events have reached $10,680 (about Rs 786k).

Her talent is obviously proven by her participation in such a big Esports organization like Gen. G. It worth mentioning that eSports teams now tend to welcome even too young gamers, leading to a lot of issues beyond control. Not long before, the netizens have got a big surprise at learning that Team 33 signed an 8YO gamer.

It can be undeniable that young gamers have a lot of potentials and advantages to develop their gaming skills; however, they are easily caught saying something without vital consideration. That is clearly shown via Moqii’s incident.

After this incident, the 14-year-old Fortnite gamer tweeted that her parents has recently required her to stop wandering on social networks in a period of time. Parents always play an important role in helping their children develop in a right manner. Hopefully, the netizens will soon meet Moqii in another Esport organization and she will be still a great female gamer in Fortnite community.

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