While most content in Fortnite comes from Epic Games, some of the newest additions are produced by the community. The Creative mode of the game puts every tool into your hand and lets you make your own maps as well as other experiences. Freaky Flights are one of them.

The new map brings X-4 planes back for some aeriform actions. In order to access the mode, players have to insert a unique map code. And our article about Freaky Flights Fortnite code will give you the answer you want.

Freaky Flights Fortnite Code
What are the codes and required challenges for Freaky Flights in Fortnite?

About Freaky Flights in Fortnite

Freaky Flights match is just up for grabs for a limited period of time, so players will have to ensure they complete all the associated quests before it gets removed in under a week.

Moreover, it is an aerial fisticuff scenario where players need to hop into the X-4 Stormwings’ cockpits and shoot one another off the sky.

Currently, the Freaky Flights: Air Royale mode is fairly popular among Fortnite players as it is at the center of 3 limited quests that would gain them extra cosmetic rewards and experience points.

Freaky Flights Fortnite
What is this Freaky Flights mode about?

Now before this special match type expires without a certain comeback, check out Freaky Flights Fortnite code list and its quests right below.

Freaky Flights Fortnite Code

Partaking in a fight of Freaky Flights is pretty straightforward regardless of the platform players are using. Here are all the steps you need to to get access to the map:

1. The first and foremost thing to do is to install Fortnite and get it running. Then, scroll to the creative hub in the main menu.

2. Once players have reached there, head to the game lobby and select the “Play” option.

3. As players will be required to choose a server, just choose the “Discover” button. It will then open the “Aliens” menu automatically, hence they have to switch over to the nearby “Island Code” tab.

4. Once you get on just the right tab, it will prompt you to put in a 12-digit code to confirm the game mode you aspire to play. Here’s when the Fortnite Creative Freaky Flights code comes to the rescue.

Freaky Flights Fortnite Code 3
Use Fortnite creative freaky flights code to access the limited mode.

In the case of Freaky Flights, we have two specs to opt for. If you have any issues about matchmaking or connection, it is worth using the other instead.

The Freaky Flights Fortnite code list are:

  • 1234-7609-6108
  • 6504-3264-2209

Note: Players don’t need to enter the hyphens between the numbers manually as the title will automatically do it for them.

5. Once you have entered the 12 –digit codes, hit the “Launch” option and it will take you to the lobby.

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What are Freaky Flights quests?

The Cosmic Summer Quest is one of the new objectives in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. It will eventually end on July 5 and for that fact, every player would have a real feeling of urgency to unlock all things included as part of the event.

Like other modes in Fortnite, “Freaky Flights” also features its own tasks that need completing. While gamers play the Freaky Flights mode, it is worth noting that the challenges are not too hard to take on.

Freaky Flights Cosmic Summer
The event is ending in a couple of days.

There are three quests related to the mode of Freaky Flights: Air Royale and they are as follows:

  • Defeat players while being in an X-4 Stormwing in "Freaky Flights."
  • Spend coins on buying items at the vending machine in "Freaky Flights."
  • Travel 5000 meters in X-4 Stormwings in "Freaky Flights."

As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to accomplish any of these missions without joining a Freaky Flights match with the relevant map code. And this category is what we have provided you with as above.

About Cosmic Summer event

The excitement of the Alien enthusiasts has hiked up to a full-throttle Welcome Party. In the ongoing extraterrestrial celebration, fans can enjoy Creative LTMs, unleash summer-themed rewards as well as donning the best beach look with returning and new Outfits.

Apart from Freaky Flights, other known Creative LTMs that make a comeback for this event are Pro 100, Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0 - Custom Teams, and The Pit - FFA.

In a related manner, Fortnite has recently been updated with brand-new mothership experiments as well as alien parasites which can affect your health. All in all, there are quite a great number of new content for you to try at present.

While the Cosmic Summer in Fortnite will go to an end on Monday, 5 July, the remaining of the alien invasion season will keep on for a couple more months at least.

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