The future of the entire mobile gaming industry has never seemed so uncertain. Just a few days ago, the Bangladesh High Court ordered the country's Government and concerned authorities to ban PUBG Mobile and Free Fire for three months. The wave of prohibiting popular mobile games and applications appears to be spreading like wildfire. We cannot help but wonder: will there be a Free Fire ban in India?

1. Is Free Fire banned in India?

At the time of writing, everything is fine and dandy. Free Fire is not banned in India, at least for now. If you're worried you cannot enjoy the game anymore, then don't. Both versions of the game for the Android and iOS devices function perfectly.

The game has rolled out its latest OB29 update not long ago. This patch also marks Free Fire's 4th anniversary with various events and free rewards waiting for you. But the real question is, whether this will be the last anniversary for the title in India?

Free Fire Banned India
Free Fire isn't banned in India, yet.

2. Will Free Fire ban in India happen?

There's certainly a chance for this to happen. We cannot assure you that Free Fire will be banned in India, but then again, we cannot say that it's not going to happen, either. The probability stands, and we simply can't do anything about it.

According to The Times of India, ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka recently wrote Prime Minister Narendra Modi a letter. He urged the prohibition of PUBG Mobile. now renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India, and Free Fire. In the letter, he praised the government's previous decision to ban PUBG Mobile. The reason is to secure the well-being and development of the country's younger generations.

Free Fire
Play responsibly for your own well-being.

Naresh Kumar Laka went on to say that Garena Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India are harming the future of India. They are free games that everyone can download from Google Play Store, including children. He stresses that children are spending way too much time playing these games. This impacts their social behavior. Games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, according to him, lean kids towards violence.

On that ground, he urged the government to pass legislation restricting children's access to online gaming. The addiction that these titles bring leads to the disruption in children's daily routine. They no longer spend time interacting with their family, thus, harming their social life. If the petition goes through, we may have to say goodbye to Free Fire and BGMI.

3. Is Free Fire going to be banned in India 2021?

Though it's entirely possible that Free Fire might get banned, the chance of this happening in 2021 is very small. The discussion and consideration often take the Government a few months.

Let's take the case of Bangladesh for example. Just two days ago, the Bangladesh High Court issued an order that required all concerned authorities and bodies of the Government to immediately ban PUBG Mobile and Free Fire for three months.

It took the Bangladesh High Court nearly three months to examine the evidence. In this case, it was the reports filed by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Three major bodies of the Government will solid proof, but still, there isn't an immediate decision.

Free Fire And Pubg Mobile Ban In Bangladesh
Bangladesh now bans PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and TikTok for three months.

But don't get your hope up just yet. We all understand how fast things can change, as with the case of PUBG Mobile last year.

4. Will Free Fire go down the path of PUBG Mobile?

If you ask us right now, is Free Fire ban in India real or fake? Without any hesitation, we will say it's completely made-up news. Yet, who knows what may happen in the future. Last year, we all crossed our fingers hoping for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite not to be on the ban list. But in the end, they did get banned.

Pubg Mobile Ban India
We don't think we can take another ban like PUBG Mobile's last year.

However, we always viewed the reason for PUBG Mobile's ban as more severe than the current case of Free Fire.

According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the ban was based on Section 69A. That means they were "Prejudicial to Soveireinity and Integrity of India, Defence of India, Security of State and Public Order". We doubt that Free Fire wants to make the same mistake.

Free Fire 1 Billion Download Feature
Change the way you're playing Free Fire right now, it's not too late.

All in all, the probability of the Free Fire ban in India is there. If you don't want to see your favorite game's being banned from the country, change the way you play the game. Play responsibly and incorporate an appropriate routine. As always, stay tuned to for the latest update.

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