Recently, the leading battle royale mobile game in the world Garena Free Fire took the internet by storm for revealing the whopping number of players who were permanently banned from the game over the past 2 weeks. The official Facebook page of the game posted a graphic photo that pointed out that there are 11 lakhs users and 35 lakhs devices were found cheating and blocked from the game.

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Lakhs of Free Fire has been banned from the game over the last two weeks and here are the reasons why

According to Garena, half of these cheating players have been detected and reported by other players. After tracking down on these suspicious accounts, the company cracked them down and listed out 4 major kinds of cheating as following:

  • 35% Auto Aim - most of the cheating players were caught using the auto-aim hack to shoot down their enemies easier
  • 21% Antenna Hack - Putting the antenna onto your character will help you detect enemies from a long distance
  • 19% Wall Hack - these players use wallhack to detect enemies and loots on the other side of the wall
  • 17% Teleport Hack - the cheat help players to move faster than other players to faraway locations
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The detail numbers of Free Fire users who got banned in the last anti-cheating session of Garena

In addition to that, there are also more than 200 accounts that were banned for intentionally playing with hackers and having them in their team.

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Hacking Problem in Free Fire

With more than 30 crores users around the world and is one of the hottest mobile games, Free Fire has been dealing with more and more hackers and cheating players. As cheating is unfair to other diligent players, Garena pays zero-tolerance to all players who are caught cheating by all means.

Earlier, the game also detected and blocked 7 lakhs accounts over 38 lakhs cheating ones. In addition to that, the developer also updated patches regularly to improve its anti-cheating system.

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