Any “die-hard” Free Fire fans will know how much the publisher Garena loves to introduce new events to keep the players excited. In yesterday’s update, Garena has added a special calendar to the game - a feature of the new “Be the Hero” event.  If you can recall, a new character has been announced coming to battlegrounds. And yes, this is the chance to acquire the Bollywood actor “Hrithik Roshan” as a new character named “Jai”. Read on for the Free Fire Be The Hero Event full details which will be available for free. Don’t miss the best opportunity to get not only the new character but also his bundle as well!

Free Fire Be The Hero Event Details
Here's everything you need to know about Free Fire Be The Hero Event Details

Garena Free Fire is currently offering 29 playable characters for players to choose from. The real-life based Luqueta is the latest addition to the game roster. But that’s about to change as a new powerhouse is coming in the “Be the Hero” event. As confirmed by various leaks, the upcoming character will take the name of “Jai” - based on the  Bollywood actor “Hrithik Roshan”. He is making his way to the battlegrounds in the exclusive “Be the Hero” event, where players can acquire him and his bundle after completing certain quests. 

What is Garena Free Fire Be The Hero Event?

As we have mentioned above, “Be The Hero” is the latest event added to Garena Free Fire after the update on September 5th. Every player in the server can join the event for absolutely free to acquire both the new real-life inspired character “Jai” and his Justice Fighter Bundle. In order to do that, players must collect two items: Golden Magazine and Jigsaw pieces (Puzzle pieces) by completing certain tasks. The pieces can get you the free Jai character, while the Golden Magazine can be exchanged for his bundle.

Garena Free Fire Be The Hero Event Full Details 

To those who may have missed out on the introduction of the “Be The Hero” event, here’s everything you need to know about it.


The event has hit the live servers yesterday - September 5th and will last for 12 days until the 17th. It’s divided into five sub-events that take place at different times. Specific information is as follows:

  • 5th to 15th September: Claim Jai character costume
  • 10th-13th September: Claim Jai character for free
  • 10th to 13th September: Callback friends for Arctic Flame bundle
  • 13th September: Claim Jai character and his bundle
  • 13th September: Login Rewards
Free Fire Schedule
Be The Hero Event Schedule

How to Collect Golden Magazine in the Be The Hero Event?

The Golden Magazine can be acquired by completing certain simple tasks. There are 5 of them: 

  • Login 1 Day
  • Play 1 Game With Friend(s)
  • Get 2 Kills
  • Get 5 Kills
  • Get 10 Kills
Free Fire Golden Magazine Rewards
You can get up to 5 Golden Magazines per day

You can play and claim Golden Magazines in every game mode in the game. These tasks reset every day, which adds up to 5 Golden Magazines per day. Players can collect the Golden Magazines from September 5th to September 15th. After completing the mentioned missions, go to the Event tab, 13/9 Be The Hero, choose "Collect Tokens" to claim the Magazines.

Redeem Jai’s Bundle with Golden Magazines?

By exchanging the Golden Magazines, you can acquire Jai’s Justice Fighter Bundle as well as his memory fragments. The specific numbers of Golden Magazines for each reward are as follow: 

  • Jai’s Justice Fighter Bundle - 30 Golden Magazine
  • 200 Jai’s Memory Fragment - 2 Golden Magazines 
  • 400 Jai’s Memory Fragment - 4 Golden Magazines
  • 500 Jai’s Memory Fragment - 5 Golden Magazines 
  • 1000 Jai’s Memory Fragment - 10 Golden Magazines
  • 2000 Jai’s Memory Fragment - 20 Golden Magazines 
Jai Bundle
Get Jai and his beautiful bundle

You can claim the Justice Fighter Bundle after collecting 30 Golden Magazines in the Redeem tab in the Event section. However, it can only be done from September 13 to September 16, 2020. Spend the rest of your time to collect as many Golden Magazines as possible to exchange for Jai’s Memory Fragments.

How to Collect Jigsaw Pieces in the Be The Hero Event?

Jigsaw Pieces are the material you need to exchange for the new character Jai. They are the puzzle pieces of Hrithik Roshan’s image. Collecting all the pieces to complete the puzzle will reward you with the character for free. The event begins from September 10th and concludes on September 13th, 2020. Also, remember that September 13th is the Peak Day of Free Fire Be The Hero Event where you will find many free gifts.

Free Fire Jigsaw
Collect all the Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are 5 ways to get Jigsaw Pieces:

  • Daily Check-in: 1 puzzle piece
  • Check-in on September 13th: 4 puzzle pieces
  • 1 click on the shared link: 1 puzzle piece per day 
  • 30 Diamonds: 1 puzzle piece (yes, you can buy them)
  • 3 Free Fire players click on the shared link and log in, you will get 1 additional puzzle piece each day. The link refreshes daily at 00:00 IST.
Fortnite Free Fire
Enjoy the new Event

That’s everything you need to know about the Garena Free Fire Be The Hero Event Full Details. It’s happing right now on the live server, and believe us when we say you do not want to miss out on it. This event grants you the opportunity to acquire not only the new character Jai but also his Justice Fighter Bundle for absolutely free. For more information on the upcoming events in Free Fire, visit our website at