Garena Free Fire has been on the mobile gaming market for more than three years now. The game celebrated its third anniversary with a bang, reaching the milestone of 100 million active daily users. Most of Free Fire’s success can be put down to Garena’s valiant effort in localizing the game as well as introducing a wide array of content updates. Each new version brings a collection of outfits, skins, characters, and all kinds of items. Unfortunately, they don’t come for free, as players must spend Diamonds to acquire them. That’s why Diamonds are considered the premier currency in the game. Do not miss the chance to get Free Fire double Diamond top up using Games Kharido.

Free Fire Diamonds 2
Free Fire players don't seem to get enough of Diamonds

As the Free Fire community grows, the demand for Diamonds also rises as players look to spend money to buy skins, characters, Elite Passes, and more. That is why we are seeing more and more websites and apps providing top-up services. However, not many offer a deal as great as that of Games Kharido. It’s the only website that provides a Free Fire first top up double Diamond bonus. Here’s all you need to know to strike an amazing deal from Games Kharido. 

What is Games Kharido’s Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up?

As we have mentioned before, Games Kharido is actually a website that provides top-up service for Free Fire players. It’s developed by the game publisher Garena to meet the Indian market’s demands specifically. Users can be 100% sure about the site’s credibility and transparency. Moreover, Games Kharido is currently the only service provider that offers a Free Fire double Diamond top up bonus. We will speak in detail about the bonus later in this article. 

Free Fire Alok Character Banner
Powerful characters like Alok are available in the shop

The only downside of this Free Fire double Diamond top up website is it only provides service for Free Fire only. Though developed and introduced by Garena, the website does not support other titles published by the company nor any others in the Indian market. However, the devs may be working on something to improve this. They promise to introduce services for new games shortly. For the time being, let’s enjoy our Garena Free Fire double Diamond top up

What is Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up Link?

The main attraction that attracts players to using Games Kharido’s service is definitely the 100% top-up bonus for first-time users. Yes, you read that right. Anyone who tops up Diamonds via Games Kharido for the first time will get double the amount they buy. For example, if you buy 400 Diamonds, you will get a total of 800 Diamonds instead. But remember this whopping deal only applies to first-time users only. Plus, you have to pay via Paytm to activate the perk. Yet, consider the massive gaining from the deal, we think it worths all the hassle.

Top Up Bonus Free Fire
Do not miss out on such an opportunity

The beauty of it is that users do not have to do anything to strike this bonus. The promo program applies to all, who have never top-up Diamonds with Games Kharido before. No matter how big of a denomination you buy, you’re guaranteed to get double that amount. The promo is still running, and there is not any information saying when it will conclude. So, do not miss your chance on getting double the investment you pour into Free Fire. Now, back to the main business - the link to the website. You can visit the Games Kharido official site directly and acquire the perk.  

Top-Up Denominations Plus Bonus:

  • #1 INR 40 – 100 (50+50) Diamonds
  • #2 INR 80 – 200 (100+100) Diamonds
  • #3 INR 240 – 620 (310+310) Diamonds 
  • #4 INR 400 – 1,040 (520+520) Diamonds
  • #5 INR 800 – 2,120 (1060+1060) Diamonds 
  • #6 INR 1600 – 4,360 (2180+2180) Diamonds 
  • #7 INR 4000 – 11,200 (5600+5600) Diamond
Free Fire Money Heist 2
The top-up bonus only works for first-time users

Friendly Reminder: Once again, we would like to remind you that the bonus program only applies to first-time users of the service only. On top of that, the more Diamonds you purchase, the more “bang” you get for your “bucks”. Hence, we recommend saving up and buying a bigger denomination to gain more from the bonus. 

How to Purchase Diamonds with Games Kharido

As you may already know, the OB24 Update of Free Fire is now live on the Advance Server. It means that a new version of the game is coming, bringing new items, characters, and more with it. This is a perfect chance to save up some Diamonds for the upcoming events. If you haven’t topped up Diamonds with Games Kharido before, take advantage of the 100% promo to get the most out of your investment. Here’s how to purchase Diamonds with Games Kharido:

  • #1 Visit Games Kharido Free Fire double Diamond top up app using the link given above
  • #2 Click on the Free Fire icon 
  • #3 Log in using Free Fire ID or Facebook 
  • #4 Select a preferred method of payment (Net Banking, UPI, and Paytm). Choose Paytm to get the 100% top-up bonus
  • #5 Choose the amount you want to purchase
  • #6 Confirm to make the payment, wait for a few moments

All in all, Games Kharido is a wonderful top-up service. It provides a transparent service for Free Fire players with an appealing promotion program. You can not find another Free Fire double Diamond top up anywhere else. Hence, if you happen to have some spare money just lying around, make an investment to purchase Diamonds. Now is the perfect time to prepare a hefty Diamond stash for the upcoming OB24 update. For more guides, tips, and tricks into the world of gaming, visit our website at