If you are done rocking the Solo Ranked mode then it is might be the time to get some real challenges in Free Fire with the Squad Ranked mode. No matter how good you are, the Squad Ranked mode is going to be tough.

But worry not because today, we are going to bring you the top 5 tips that all players need to know when playing the Squad Ranked mode in Free Fire.

1. Get enough loot for everyone

A whole squad will need much more loot than one person so you need to pick a place that is big enough for all members to have at least the basic such armor, helmet, and gun. Bigger areas tend to have more teams, thus more dangerous. But these places are also the places with the best loots.

2. Assign a team leader

Have you ever heard of a train without a locomotive? There isn't. Your team needs a leader who makes decisions about where to go, fight or flight, and what each person should do.

The team leader doesn't have to be the most aggressive or the most skilled player but they need to have the experience to make the right choice.

5 Essential Tips For Squad Ranked Mode Free Fire O
Having a team leader is important

Even if your team is full of casual players, pick a team leader anyway. After all, a bad plan is better than no plan.

3. Stick together

Sticking together is one of the most important in the Squad Ranked mode in Free Fire. A 4 vs 1 will be much easier than a 1 vs 1. You don't even have to worry about dying as your teammates are right there to save you.

But if you are that one guy who goes 1 vs 4 against other teams, there is no chance for anyone to save you, and going back to the lobby is a certainty.

4. Have at least 1 Penguin Pet

Mr. Waggor is the latest addition in the pet roster of Free Fire and his skill provides you one of the most important tools in the game, the Gloo Wall.

In a Squad, you can just give your teammate all your Gloo Wall so Mr. Waggor can keep producing more Gloo Wall for the whole team. Of course, you would want to feed him to the max level to make him as useful as possible.

5 Essential Tips For Squad Ranked Mode Free Fire O

5. Focus Fire

Many players who play Squad Ranked mode make the mistake to fire too early. This will alert the other team, allow them to run away to even counter-attack.

5 Essential Tips For Squad Ranked Mode Free Fire O
Focusing the firepower of the whole team will be much better

If you want to kill somebody in the Squad Ranked mode, kill them as a team to make sure that they have absolutely no chance or at least hurt them badly enough.

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