Garena has finally added Purgatory map locations for the Clash Squad mode. Previously, the 4 vs 4 mode is only available on Bermuda Remastered, Bermuda and Kalahari. In order to celebrate this addition, Garena has released a 7-day 'Clash Squad Launch' event that gives away bundles, vouchers, and a permanent gun skin for the Woodpecker.

In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about the event and how to get the Woodpecker Crimson Heir skin for free.

1. How to claim Woodpecker Crimson Heir

The Clash Squad launch event starts on November 11 and lasts for 5 days. By playing for 30 minutes each day, you will get a Diamond Royale voucher and a custom prize. The Woodpecker Crimson Heir is unlocked on November 14 and is going to be a permanent reward.

This gun skin is the most valuable reward, as the other rewards from the event are all temporary cosmetic bundles. To claim the bundle, just get to the event tab, navigate to the event and press 'Claim'.

4-everyday play reward

2. Overview of the Woodpecker Crimson Heir

The Crimson Heir Woodpecker is a flashing red gun, with streaks of white and various golden trimmings on its parts. While the skin has no special effects, its flashy colors are enough for you to stand out on the battlefield.

As the Woodpecker is a rather new weapon, there haven't been many weapons for it yet. Therefore, this will be the first Woodpecker skin for a lot of players.

Woodpecker Crimson Heir
Crimson Heir is the best skin for the Woodpecker to date.

How strong is the Woodpecker Crimson Heir?

Here are the bonus stats of the Woodpecker Crimson Heir in Free Fire:

  • Magazine: +
  • Armor Penetration: +
  • Movement Speed: -

Overall, while there is no damage bonus or fire rate bonus, this skin is still pretty strong. The magazine size increase is very useful for the Woodpecker, as it has a low magazine size. The armor penetration boosts the gun's effective damage in the late game, where everyone has high level armor. While the Woodpecker already has high AP, it'd not be a bad idea to have even more.

Crimson Heir stats

The movement speed demerit is annoying, but not too hard to handle.

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