Garena Free Fire is currently one of the biggest Battle Royale titles on the mobile platform. How big? Well, the game literally has a community of millions. Players around the world can't seem to get enough of its fast-paced BR sensation. But this ocean of gamers can also be confusing sometimes, especially when players use a similar name style. So today, we'll guide you on Free Fire ID Search Online. Read on to learn how to easily find others in the game!

About Free Fire ID

Each and every player in the Free Fire community of millions has an ID. ID stands for IDentification. Just like in real life, IDs are unique and there are no two players who have the same ID number.

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Your Free Fire ID is unique.

A Free Fire ID consists of 5-12 numeral characters, all randomly generated. And unlike your in-game nickname (IGN), you cannot choose your ID in the game.

So, what do you need a Free Fire ID for?

4 Reasons Why Free Fire ID Is Crucial

Managing a community of millions of players worldwide is not an easy task. Without the proper tool, there's a good chance that one player could be mistaken for another. Yes, it can be catastrophic. That's the biggest reason why you must have your own ID. But there's more to the picture!

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Without the proper tool, there's a good chance that one player could be mistaken for another

Here are 4 reasons why Garena Free Fire needs identification for players:

Community Management

Of course, the first role of the ID number is to help manage the community. When you have a player base of millions, it will get out of hand sometimes. By providing each and every survivor with a unique ID, the game officials can easily control the number of players and other data. There will not be any mistakes when Free Fire wants to punish or reward a member of the community.

Profile Check

For the average, the Free Fire ID is mainly for checking others' profiles.  As you can see, Free Fire players now lean towards using very complicated names. Remembering those IGNs with special symbols is impossible. Therefore, you can not send friend requests or view others' profiles via IGN.

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Free Fire ID is mainly for checking others' profiles.

Instead, the Free Fire ID is so much more suitable for this job. And since the ID is unique, you can be sure that the person you're looking for is not someone else. Though there is no Free Fire ID name search online tool, the game client will help you with that.


The Free Fire ID can be used for social activities, too. Players may find others, send friend requests, gifts, or invite them to a match. Knowing a player's ID will shorten the time you need for these actions by a whole lot.

Top-up Diamonds and Redeem Rewards

In case you didn't know, you need your Free Fire ID to buy Diamonds or redeem gift codes from the game devs! Top-up websites such as Codashop or SEAGM will ask for your ID instead of your IGN. The same thing goes for the Rewards Redemption Center.

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You need your Free Fire ID to buy Diamonds or redeem gift codes

Free Fire ID Search Online

Unfortunately, if you're looking for such a tool, we have to inform you that it does not exist, yet. We are not able to find a reliable tool that allows players to search others' Free Fire ID online. The one and only way available right now seems to be the game client.

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We are not able to find a reliable tool that allows players to search others' Free Fire ID online

Even the most powerful search engines out there like Google will suffer finding every player's ID in the game. However, you can still do a Free Fire player ID search online for famous players. If you're too lazy for that, check out our article right down below.

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How to Find Other Players via ID in Free Fire?

If you want, you can use the game client to find other players in Garena Free Fire. All you need to have is their IDs.  If you have them already, follow our guide right here to use Free Fire ID Finder Online (game client):

  • #1: Run Garena Free Fire, click the "Friends" icon on the top of the screen.
  • #2: Click "ADD".
  • #3: Paste the Free Fire ID on the search bar.
  • #4: If the ID is valid, you can view the player's profile. Click the "+" if you want to send them a friend request.

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How to Find Your Free Fire ID?

To help other players find you easier or use top-up services or redeem code, you will need your Free Fire ID. Follow the steps below to find Free Fire ID in the game:  

  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire and click your profile banner on the top-left corner.
  • #2: You should see the profile page opens up.
  • #3: Your Free Fire ID is right below your in-game nickname. If you want to copy your ID, simply click on the "Copy" button beside it.

That's everything you need to know about Free Fire ID Search Online. Though there isn't a tool that allows you to do it just yet, we think the game client is still decent for the job. However, you can not find the profiles of other players on different servers. Let's hope that Garena will soon develop a website for that. Until then, stay tuned to our website at for the latest update!

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