Garena Free Fire now stands as one of the world's biggest Battle Royale games on the mobile platform. It boasts a thriving community of millions of players all around the globe. Celebrating its third anniversary back in August, the game has crossed the whopping 100 million daily active user milestone. To control the demographic, Garena uses a series of numbers, or better known as ID. And today, we will guide you on finding any profile in the game via Free Fire ID search!

How to do a Free Fire player ID search

There are some cases in which you want to search for a player ID in Free Fire, such as a friend, a famous person or even your own ID. For each case, we have different steps to do the Free Fire player ID search. Check specific steps below!

How to search for a friend ID in the game

If you want to find a particular player in Garena Free Fire, for example, a friend, ask for their IDs first. From there, follow our guide right here to find them in the game:

  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire and click on the "Friends" icon on the top of the screen.
Free Fire Id Search 2
Visit the friend tab
  • #2: Press "ADD".
Free Fire Id Search 1
Click here to add new friends
  • #3: On the search bar, paste the Free Fire ID of the respective player.
Free Fire Id Search 3
Use an ID to search for a player
  • #4: If the ID is correct, you will be able to view the player's profile. Hit the "+" button to send them a friend request.

Free Fire ID search online

Unfortunately, there has not been a reliable tool to search for Free Fire players' IDs online. The only and most effective way to do so, as of now, is via the game client we mentioned above. Even powerful search engines like Google cannot find every player in the game. However, you can conduct a Free Fire ID search in Google for famous players. The results are often articles that include their IDs.

Garena Free Fire India

Where to Find Your Personal Free Fire ID?

To find your own Free Fire player ID, please follow the steps given below:

  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire, then click on the profile banner on the top-left corner of the main lobby.
Free Fire Id Search 5
Check your profile tab here
  • #2: Your profile should open up.
Free Fire Id Search 4
The ID is under your IGN
  • #3: Direct your attention to your username, the Free Fire ID is right below it.

If you want to copy your ID, simply click on the "Copy" button beside it.

About Free Fire player IDs

Have you ever wondered how Garena manages to keep millions of Free Fire players in check? It's because each of them has a unique ID and an in-game nickname that separates them from others. By unique we mean that there's one and only one ID for each Free Fire player, or no repetition. The in-game nickname may look identical, but when you have one's identifier, you can clearly distinguish them.

Free Fire Wolfrahh
Your ID is unique

That's exactly how ID works in real-life, too. In Garena Free Fire, a player's ID consist of 5-12 numeral characters, generated randomly. Unlike your IGN, you can not choose your ID in the game. The system will assign you a number itself. And since each one is unique, the Free Fire player ID search will give you the exact result of a certain user's profile.

Why do we need a Free Fire ID?

There are more usages to the Free Fire ID than just its mere social purposes. Let's check out the reasons why we need to have an identifier in the BR game.


Of course, the biggest role of the Free Fire ID number is to manage the community. Imagine a community of millions using similar in-game nicknames. It would take ages to tell one from the others, which makes certain actions, such as punishing for cheating, incredibly challenging.

Free Fire Car
ID helps Garena manages Free Fire

Profile Check

Let's say you want to check one particular player's profile. So, how do you do it? Free Fire players often use very long names, full of special characters that are impossible to remember. Then, you'll be better off doing a Free Fire ID name search. A series of 5-12 numbers is definitely to memorize than a complex IGN.

Free Fire Kitty Name C7ba
Check any player's profile with their IDs

Social Activities

Though it may sound like a long-shot, it actually makes sense. Social activities here mean sending friend requests, gifts, or inviting certain players to a match. Knowing one's ID will shorten the time it takes to perform the above-mentioned actions considerably.

Free Fire Ultrasonic Rave
Add friends, send gifts via ID

Redeem Codes, Top-up Diamonds

In other cases, your Free Fire ID has the same usage as your bank account. It will give the Redemption Center or top-up providers the exact location to send the rewards and Diamonds to.

Free Fire Diamonds 2
Your Free Fire ID is also your "bank account" for the game

That sums up our article on Free Fire ID search. So, if you ever want to find a player in Garena Free Fire, just ask them their IDs and follow our instructions above. Also, you should keep your own ID in mind for other purposes, such as redeem rewards or top-up Diamonds.

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