If you want to grind for better cosmetics and items in Garena Free Fire, events are the best occasions to do so! These limited-time events offer a chance to win various bundles, skins, consumables, and more. Yesterday, the developers introduced a brand new event in the Free Fire realm - Pro Gamer’s Wish.

Pro Gamers Wish Event
Make your wishes come true in the new Free Fire event!

It's basically a lucky draw event, but all of the rewards in the prize pool come from the Esports scene. Grand Prizes such as the FFWC Throne and the Pirates Flag emote are also available in this event! Here's how you can obtain them from Free Fire Pro Gamer’s Wish.

Free Fire Pro Gamer's Wish Event

The new Pro Gamer’s wish event kicked off yesterday, May 27th, and will conclude on June 2nd. During the time of the event, players can join the random draw to test their luck at winning various Esports items! So if you have ever dreamed about what it likes to be a professional Free Fire gamer, maybe these cosmetics and emotes will help.

Also, all of the items that players already have will be eliminated from the prize pool. This increases your chance of winning rare rewards and Grand Prizes. By far, the FFWC Throne and Pirate’s Flag emotes are among the rarest items you can find in the game.

Ffwc Throne Emote
The rare FFWC Throne emote is available to grab!

Each wish in the Free Fire Pro Gamer’s Wish event costs 20 Diamonds only. Survivors can also buy the 10+1 bundle for 200 Diamonds in order to save currency. Check out the following list of rewards in Free Fire Pro Gamer's Wish Event.

  • FFWC Throne
  • Pirate’s Flag
  • FFCS The Disciple bundle
  • FFCS The Disciple backpack
  • SOUL Crusher
  • SOUL Reader
  • FFCS The Apprentice bundle
  • FFCS The Apprentice backpack
  • M4A1 - FFCS 2020
  • FAMAS - Warrior’s Spirit
  • Groza - FFCS 2020
  • KAR98K - Warrior’s Spirit
  • Dangerous Game
  • Hover FFCS 2020
  • Sports Car FFCS 2020
  • FFCS 2020 Rocket loot box
Pro Gamers Wish 10 Draws
11 draws only cost you 200 Diamonds.
  • Grenade - FFCS 2020
  • FFCS 2020
  • Viking’s Spirit
  • The Warrior’s Spirit
  • Spirit of War
  • Spirt - Focus
  • Spirit - Inspiration
  • Spirit- Reflex
  • Spirit - Experience
  • Focus (Avatar)
  • Inspiration (Avatar)
  • Reflex (Avatar)
  • Experience (Avatar)
  • GAMERS’ Paradise
  • GAMERS’ Paradise (Avatar)

How to join Free Fire Pro Gamer’s Wish event

Here are the steps to follow to join the latest Pro Gamer's Wish event in Free Fire!

  • #1 Launch Garena Free Fire
  • #2 Access the Events tab via the “Calendar” icon on the right side of the main lobby.
  • #3 Navigate through the page to find the Pro Gamer’s wish event.
  • #4 Click the “Go to” button.
  • #5 Make your wishes.
Pro Gamers Wish Rules
All of items you already own won't appear in the prize pool.

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