The ranking system is probably one of the most important parts of Free Fire. It separates players based on skill levels, with Clash Squad and Battle Royale having two separate ranking points. The details are the same, however, with Bronze being the lowest tier and Grandmaster the highest.

These ranks are reset every few months, and when that happens, players need to redo their grind to the highest tier. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about Free Fire Ranked Season 23.

Season exclusive
Players need to reach Gold 3 to get the Season Exclusive item as a Rank Reward.

1 - When will Free Fire Ranked Season 22 end?

Free Fire Ranked Season 22 is going to end today, August 27. Based on the previous season cycles, it is highly likely that the current season will end at 2.30 pm IST (GMT +5:30). Afterward, there would be a "rest period" in which players would not be able to play ranked matches.

During this time, players would still be able to exchange for ranked rewards if they haven't received them. Furthermore, players will also receive Season Reward based on their highest rank achieved during the season.

Rank Rewards
Rank Rewards will be distributed after the season ends.

2 - About Season 23 Rank points Reset

When season 23 hit, players' ranks will be reset based on their performance in Season 22.

  • Bronze 1 and 3 (Between 1,000 and 1,300 points) will reset to Bronze 1 (1,000 points).
  • Silver 1 and 3 (Between 1,301 and 1,600 points) will reset to Bronze 2 (1,175 points).
  • Gold 1 and 4 (Between 1,601 and 2,100 points) will reset to Silver 1 (1,350 points).
  • Platinum 1 and 4 (Between 2,101 and 2,600 points) will reset to Silver 2 (1,500 points).
  • Diamond 1 and 4 (Between 2,600 and 3,200 points) will reset to Gold 1 (1,650 points).
  • Heroic or above (3,200+) will reset to Gold 2 (1,750 points).

As everyone in the skill bracket gets brought down to the same level at the beginning of the season, it is best to push your rank as soon as the season starts. This way, you would be able to match with more players on lower skill tiers.

Rank Reset
Rank Reset every season. This is the 23th season of BR rank.

For example, if you are a top 100 Grandmaster, you would be reset back to Gold 2 at the beginning of the season, similar to the lower skill tier Diamond and Heroic. By matching early, you should be able to fight and defeat them easily.

3 - Free Fire Ranked Season 23 start date and time

Free Fire's Ranked season 23 will also start today, at 2.30 PM IST (GMT +5:30). Looks like Garena wants the start of the season to coincides with the 4th anniversary - players will have even more reason to be online during the Free Fire 4th Anniversary peak day, August 28.

Some of the rewards of this season have been leaked by dataminers. The Gold III prize of Ranked Season 23 is the Andrew SKS, a blue version of the gun with a picture of Andrew on its body. The stats bonus from this weapon is unconfirmed.

Andrew SKS
Andrew SKS skin is the Reward for Free Fire ranked season 23 BR.

The Rank Token shop will get a couple of new items, including the Tactical Soldier Set. For more information, check the video below to find out.

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