Garena has recently not just one but two redeem codes for players. While one is for a permanent gun skin, the other is a weapon loot crate that can expire anytime now.

As gun skins contribute to players’ visual experience as well as help gamers defeat opponents quickly, users usually depend on redeem codes to get these precious sidekicks for free. So instead of having to spend a considerable number of diamonds, you can check out Free Fire redeem code for today to obtain the rarest items in the game.

Free Fire Weapons Location
Free Fire is releasing more than one redeem code for today and each one of them is incredibly worthwhile.

Free Fire redeem code for today

Here is the Free Fire redeem code for today and the correspondent rewards:

1. AGF6333A6AS2: Booyah Choice Box

This code can be utilized until July 23, 2021. It is made exclusively for Middle East servers.

This Booyah Choice will give players the chance to pull one of these permanent gun skins from the crate:

  • M14 – Lively Beast
  • SPAS12 – Superstar
  • M60 – Lively Beast
  • MP5 – Death’s Eye
  • SKS – Master of Minds
  • MP40 – Engineer
  • M249 – Superstar
  • XM8 – Engineer
Booyah Choice Box
Get your permanent gun skin with Free Fire redeem code for today.
  • AN94 – Booyah
  • Groza – Booyah
  • P90 – Old Fashioned
  • VSS – Vandal Revolt
  • M79 – Pink Devil
  • M4A1 – Vandal Revolt
  • SCAR – Pink Devil
  • MGL140 – Demolitionist
  • Famas – Kpop Stardom
  • AK47 – Urban Rager

2. PKXVAA56WT9T: 1x Winterlands Weapon Loot Crate

As this code was tested when this article was written, it may reach its expiration soon. Players should take their time to try this code as soon as possible.

Winterlands Weapon Loot Crate
A new redeem for Europe server has been released but it can expire any moment now.

Reminder: The given code is exclusive to Free Fire players on the Europe server. Those who do not play on this server yet still try to get this weapon loot crate using the redeem code will receive this message.

Redeem Error
Any player will see this pop-up if they are not from the specified server for a redeem code.

How to claim free gun skins in Free Fire

You need to follow the following steps to be able to use the redeem codes on Free Fire and get the best rewards without a cost:

1. You must first head over to the Rewards Redemption Site.

2. Next, log in to your account via Google, Facebook, VK, Twitter, Huawei ID, and Apple ID. It will not work for guest accounts.

3. Then, you must type the redeem code in the text box. Remember to enter it correctly.

4. Confirm and hit the OK button.

You will get the rewards in 24 hours if the redeeming process is successfully done. You can also head to the in-game email section to collect your rewards redeemed with the newest Free Fire codes.

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