Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile published by Garena in 2017. Into the game, 50 players will drop into an abandoned island to fight each other until there is only one survivor left.

The game features a large collection of weapons of all kinds and weapon skins that can buff the power of weapons.

The Thompson is one of the latest addition to the weapon collection of Free Fire. It is a quite powerful SMG with a high rate of fire and high damage. However, it was still quite underwhelming compared to other weapons because it didn't have a skin to buff its stats.

In the latest update, Garena just released the first Free Fire Thompson gun skin ever into the game. The skin is called 'Time Travelers Thomson' and it is available through the Weapon Royale in the game.

Here we will show you everything you need to know about this new Thompson skin and how to get it.

1. The Time Travelers Thompson skin

Here are the stats of the Thompson in Free Fire.

  • Damage: 50
  • Rate of fire: 77
  • Range: 33
  • Reload speed: 48
  • Magazine: 42
  • Accuracy:42
  • Movement Speed: 64
Free Fire Thompson Gun Skin
The Thompson is quite a powerful SMG in Free Fire but it doesn't have a skin

The Time Travelers Thompson skin will cover the weapon in royal yellow and black theme. The skin will increase the range of the weapon significantly. It will also buff the reload speed of the weapon while reducing its magazine's size.

Since the range is a big weakness of the Thompson as well as any SMG in Free Fire, the range buff is really helpful so the Thompson can fight in longer distance combats. The reload speed buff and the magazine size reduction don't matter too much because the Thompson has a really big magazine (42). Overall, it is not a too overpower skin nor an useless skin.

Free Fire Thompson gun Skin
The Time Travelers Thompson skin is the first Thompson skin

The skin is available in the Weapon Royale as the Grand Prize.

Free Fire Thompson gun Skin
The Time Travelers Thompson skin is available in the Weapon Royale as the Grand Prize

2. What is Weapon Royale?

The Weapon Royle is a lucky spin in Luck Royale in Free Fire. This is where you can get the latest weapon skins in Free Fire but you will have to spin for it. Each spin will cost you 60 Diamonds. You can also spend 600 Diamonds to spin 11 times. Every time you spin and don't get the grand prize your Luck will increase by 1, giving you more chance to get the grand prize.

Weapon Royale Free Fire
The Weapon Royale is a lucky spin in Free Fire where you can get the latest skin

The grand prize in the Weapon Royale will change after a limited and be replaced with a new skin.

When your Luck reaches 99, you are 100% to get the grand prize in the next spin and your Luck will be reset. You can also get the Magic Cube in the Weapon Royale, which will give you a bundle of your choice from the Magic Cube shop.

You can access the Weapon Royale from the Luck Royale in the main lobby of Free Fire.

3. How to get the Time Travelers Thompson skin without Diamonds?

Spinning the Weapon for the grand prize surely costs a lot of Diamonds and not all players can have that many Diamonds. Here are some of the few ways for you to spin the Diamonds Royale to get the Time Travelers Thompson skin without using Diamonds.

Weapon Voucher

The Weapon Voucher is an item that allows players to spin the Weapon Royale for free. You can get the Weapon Voucher in Free Fire quite easily through events missions, Elite Pass, daily rewards,...

Free Fire Weapon Voucher
You can spin the Weapon Royale in Free Fire for free with the Weapon Voucher


Lulubox is an app that allows users to unlock features in different games and apps. Lulubox doesn't require your phone to be rooted and it is not a hack app. That means you can use it in Free Fire safely to get the skin you want without getting banned. Lulubox can also optimize your gameplay experience in Free  Fire by suggesting drop location and block phone calls.

Lulubox will get you any skin in Free Fire for free but only you can see it

You can get the Time Travelers Thompson skin in Free Fire easily with Lulubox. However, your weapon will not get the stats buff and you are the only one who can see the skin.

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