If you're a veteran Free Fire survivor, you'll know that the Magic Cube bundles are among the greatest in the game. These bundles cannot be found anywhere else, they're unique and utterly beautiful to look at. And today, August 28th presents you a chance to get some free Magic Cube Fragments!

4th Anniversary Free Fire Magic Cube Free
Today is the peak day of Free Fire's 4th anniversary.

What Is Magic Cube In Free Fire?

To put it simply, the Magic Cube is a type of special currency that you can use to exchange exclusive bundles in Free Fire. These bundles act merely as cosmetic items. They don't actually have an impact on the gameplay as with gun skins.

In order to get on Magic Cube, players need to collect 100 Magic Cube Fragments. Also, these fragments are ultra-rare. They're only available to take on certain events or from the Luck Royale, which costs way too many Diamonds.

Players can get the Magic Cube from the Redeem section in the in-game store. Save 100 fragments then head to the store for the exchange.

Magic Cube
You can exchange a Magic Cube from the store.

How To Get Free Magic Cube Fragments In Free Fire

Today - August 28th is the peak day of Free Fire’s 4th-anniversary celebrations. You can earn some free Magic Cube fragments by playing the game for an amount of time. The longer you play, the more fragments you get. The details are as follow:

Magic Cube Bundle
Here are just a few of the bundles you can get with a Magic Cube.
  • 5x Cube Fragments – Play 10 minutes
  • 5x Cube Fragments – Play 30 minutes
  • 10x Cube Fragments – Play 50 minutes
  • 10x Cube Fragments – Play 70 minutes
  • 20x Cube Fragments – Play 100 minutes
4th Anniversary Free Fire Magic Cube Fragments Cla
Play more, win more fragments!

That means if you play the game for 100 minutes today, you will earn up to 50 Magic Cube fragments for free. It's half of one Magic Cube already. So, make sure you log into the game and play with your friends. There are also other events ongoing, such as the new Gold Royale. It's only available for today.

4th Anniversary Free Fire Magic Cube Fragments
Save Magic Cube Fragments for a new bundle!

Follow the steps below to claim your rewards:

  • Step 1: Launch Garena Free Fire. Play the game for at least 10 minutes.
  • Step 2: Open the Events section. You can do so by clicking the calendar icon.
  • Step 3: Next, choose the 4th Anniversary tab. Select the Free Cube Fragment section.
  • Step 3: Tap on the claim button beside the rewards to obtain them.

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