Genshin Impact Clorinde is out today! Her Bond of Life mechanic can be complicated and hard to use, but it also makes her strong in the new META of the game. Wise strategies are vital in building her kits and team comps for the best performance. Let's check out Clorinde talent priority and team comps here.

Clorinde Best Guide
Clorinde is out today!

I. Clorinde Talent Priority

Fontaine's strongest Champion Duelist has arrived. This Ousia-aligned character came with an amazing kit and the new Bond of Life mechanic. Choosing which talents to level up first will affect her performance and damage output.

#1. Clorinde's Kits

First, we'd better understand her talents and kits before making decisions.

Skill Effects

Oath of Hunting Shadows

  • Normal attack: Perform 5 rapid strikes;
  • Charged attack: Shoot Suppressing Shots using the pistolet;
  • Plunge attack: Deal AoE DMG to enemies along the path.

Notes: Pair her normal attacks with her elemental skill for the best result. She also stacks Bond of Life (BoL) per hit, then shoots and pierces bonus damage through enemies when the stack is full.

Hunter's Vigil

  • Turn normal attacks into Swift Hunt attacks and deal Electro DMG to enemies. In the Swift Hunt phase, her shots grant Clorinde with Bond of Life (when BoL is less than 100% of Max HP) and buffs DMG pierced through the opponent per shot or she can perform a pistolet shot (when BoL is equal or greater than 100% of Max HP)
  • Under the 'Impale the Night' effect, the BoL that is less than 100% max HP can heal Clorinde and buff DMG from lunging attacks and dealt attacks. These healing effects and DMG buffs are even higher when her BoL value is equal to or greater than 100% max HP.

Notes: After entering the Night Vigil state, Clorinde's normal ATK is buffed and she gets many benefits from various interactions with BoL.

When her elemental skill is turned into Impale the Night, this character can dash forward and deal damage to the opponents in her path and clear the BoL stacks on her. You should stack the BoL value before performing this attack to buff the damage AoE and output damage to eliminate enemies.

Last Lightfall

  • Let Clorinde dash down the front path and deal tons of damage to the hit enemies. Besides, it grants her BoL value scaling on max HP.
  • Make use of its potential by performing a follow-up 'Impale the Night'.
Genshin Impact Clorinde
Genshin Impact Clorinde's kit

#2. Clorinde's talent priority

Based on these details of her kit, we suggest that Clorinde's elemental skill must be prioritized. The entire playstyle and tactical gameplay revolves around her 'Hunter's Vigil'. That's why elemental skill is Clorinde talent priority. Next, you can level up her elemental burst because it grants her invaluable BoL amounts.

II. Clorinde Team Comps

Clorinde's potential is huge, but she should be paired with off-field DPS characters to utilize her kit on-field. Besides, it's essential to combine Clorinde's Electro Element with interactive ones to trigger powerful elemental reactions. Here are the best Clorinde team comps in Patch 4.7.

Team Clorinde's teammates Tips
Aggravate Team Nahida, Kazuha, Fischl
  • Trigger a Bloom reaction to make fundament for the Aggravate reaction.
  • Kazuha helps spread the AoE and shred the enemy's Res.

Rotation: Nahida > Clorinde > Kazuha > Fischl

QuickBloom Team Furina, Nahida, Fischl
  • Unleash a Hydro-infused attack to produce Dendro cores before unleashing Electro-infused attacks to trigger Hyperbloom.
  • Mark enemies with Electro auras and inflict Dendro to trigger Quicken.

Rotation: Nahida > Furina > Clorinde > Fischl > Nahida

Taser Team Sucrose, Xingqiu, Fischl This team is the best suggestion for F2P Travelers. With this team comp, you can trigger continuous Electro-Charged reactions on a large AoE with the help of Sucrose.
Clorinde Genshin

Pick the best teammates for Clorinde.In addition to these teammates, you can also pair Clorinde with other off-field characters like Baizhu, Yelan, Yea Miko, and Dendro Travelers.

III. Best Clorinde Weapons & Artifacts

Using proper weapons and artifacts will help maximize her output damage and efficiency. The following swords are the top highly-recommended weapons for Clorinde.

  • Absolution (5-star/signature weapon)
  • Mistsplitter Reforged (5-star/paid)
  • The Black Sword (4-star/paid)
  • The Finale of the Deep (4-star/Forged via Blacksmith)

Clorinde is an Electro DPS. So, you can buff her elemental damage by using supportive artifacts in the right set. Here are the best suggestions.

  • Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy (4-piece)
  • Thundering Fury (4-piece)
  • Echoes Of An Offering (4-piece)
  • Shimenawa's Reminiscence (4-piece)

These 5-star artifacts can be farmed by completing high-level domain challenges.

Clorinde Genshin Best Weapon
Best weapons and artifacts for Clorinde

IV. Clorinde's Best Constellation

Clorinde banner is very new. But lots of fans are ready to unlock the maximum level of constellation. Is it the best constellation mark for her? The answer is Yes, but not comprehensive. There are two levels of constellation at which Clorinde is the most powerful.

  • Good - C1: Cheap and good for F2P players. It allows her to perform two coordinated attacks and shred enemies with massive Electro DMG.
  • Excellent - C2: Her DMG and interruption resistance values are enhanced when a teammate triggers an Electro-based reaction and gives her three stacks
  • Best - C6: Her output damage rockets up when her Crit Rate is increased by 10% and Crit DMG rises by 70%. She gains an extra free Glimbright Shades attack, making her unstoppable. Finally, she is unkillable with 80% less DMG taken during the Night Vigil state.

Clorinde C6 is undoubtedly worth your Primogems. But you can get her C1 or C2 if your budget is limited. This is the first run of her banner. You can wait to unlock C6 in the following reruns.

Clorinde Best Constellation
Clorinde's best Constellation is C6.

These are the best suggestions for Clorinde talent priority and team comps. Stay tuned for further tips and strategies to use this character effectively on

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