Level up talents in Genshin Impact requires a lot of resources, including the rare Genshin Impact Crown of Insight at the last level. This is the rarest upgrade material in the game, which can only be acquired from certain spots on the map and limited events. Because of that, choosing the correct talent to use them on is vital.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best talents to max using Crown of Insight in Genshin Impact.

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Crown of insight Genshin Impact is a non-renewable resource.

1. Pyronade - Xiangling

The 4 star Pyro Archon Xiangling is one of the best Pyro characters you can get in the game. Pyronado is what makes Xiangling powerful - she can apply multiple Pyro instances at a very quick rate for high reaction damage.

Pyronade - Xiangling
Pyronade is definitely worth spending a Genshin Impact Crown of Insight on.

If you are maining Xiangling, maxing Pyronade talent with a crown is a must. This would increase its damage all over the board.

2. Nightrider - Fischl

Fischl is the best 4 star electro support in the game, with an off-field turret that applies Electro all the time. On top of that, she can also generate energy for your other characters. This is why she has been part of all types of lineups that rely on electro reactions.

Nightrider - Fischl
Nightrider - Fischl

Nightrider is the reason why she is so good - it summons a raven called Oz that deals electro damage periodically. Therefore, spending a crown on Fischl is definitely a good idea.

3. Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu - Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is the Electro Archon and her main source of damage is the powerful burst. If you are building a team around her and want Raiden to deal as much damage as possible, maxing this talent with a crown is pretty much required.

On top of the extra damage, maxing the talent also increases resolve bonus, resolve stacks gained and damage per hit.

Muoso No Hitotachi
Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu - Raiden Shogun

4. Fantastic Voyage - Bennett

Bennett's burst is the single most useful support ability in the game. It covers pretty much everything, from heal to damage boost to aura cleanse. The best part is that it is a ticking heal, which means no overheal and nothing is wasted.

Fantastic Voyage
Fantastic Voyage - Bennett

Both the heal and the damage scale based on the level of the talent - crowning Bennett's burst net you even higher bonuses.

5. Secret Spear of Wangsheng - Hu Tao

Hu Tao is without a doubt the best Pyro DPS character in the game, who mainly dealing damage using Charged attacks that doesn't cost stamina (at C1). To maximize her power, crowning Secret Spear of Wangsheng is the most straightforward way.

Secret Spear of Wangsheng - Hu Tao
Secret Spear of Wangsheng - Hu Tao

While there are arguments for crowning her elemental skill in addition to her attacks, the difference in damage is just marginal.

6. Kamisato Art: Soumetsu - Ayaka

Similar to Hu Tao, Ayaka is also part of the top 6 DPS characters. However, unlike Hu Tao, she mainly deals damage using her Burst, Soumetsu. This talent has insane scaling, with 20 hits within five seconds. Whether your Ayaka is in a permafreeze team or quick swap sub dps team, her burst should be prioritized first.

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Kamisato Art: Soumetsu - Ayaka

7. Whirlwind Thurst - Xiao

By now you probably have realized that we are focusing on leveling up the best talents of top tier characters. When it comes to buffing up Xiao's damage, getting his Plunging attack talent up is your biggest priority.

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Whirlwind Thurst - Xiao

Xiao's combat style revolves around using plunging attacks while in the duration of his Burst to deal damage. With a duration of 15 and 18 seconds cooldown, the skill has a lot of uptime.

8. Liutian Archery - Ganyu

Ganyu is probably the best bow DPS character in Genshin. She mainly deals damage using her fully charged shots, as they have higher modifiers than the elemental burst of some characters.

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Liutian Archery - Ganyu

Because of that, maximize this skill by spending a crown is the best way to bring Ganyu's damage potential even further.

9. Stellaris Phantasm - Mona

Mona is a burst support character whose job is to deal damage and debuff enemies with Hydro. While Mona's burst does not deal as much damage as some characters on this list, it inflicts Hydro and allows players to combo with reactions.

Genshinimpact 2021 11 05 15 24 29 861
Stellaris Phantasm - Mona

At talent level 7 and higher, the damage buff duration goes up to 5 seconds before expiring. However, if you apply Cryo before using Mona, Stellaris Phantasm stops the timer from ticking, allowing for a buff extension. That makes Mona one of the best characters to use in Freeze comp.

10. Abiogenesis: Solar Insotoma - Albedo

If you want a source of reliable off-field damage, Albedo is your man. His elemental skill places a geo pillar for an insane 30 seconds - dealing reliable damage in an interval. If you are using Geo teams that revolve around Albedo, putting a Genshin Impact Crown of Insight here is not a bad idea.

Genshinimpact 2021 11 05 15 24 19 375
Abiogenesis: Solar Insotoma - Albedo

The AoE Geo damage is useful even if you are not using a Geo team.

How can you get Genshin Impact Crown of Insight?

Currently, 6 Crowns of Insight are permanently obtainable through Offerings:

  • 1× from upgrading the Frostbearing Tree's Gratitude to Level 11.
  • 5× from upgrading the Sacred Sakura's Favor to Levels 5, 15, 25, 35 and 45.

To get more than these 6, you must do the limited-time events.

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