Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard is available to join now. On the first day of the event, you will practice constructing the first floral courtyard in this game. Check out how to complete the first courtyard.

I. How To Construct Floral Courtyard

The first courtyard has the theme 'The Purple Sakura Lies Sparse, The Clear Sand Is Fragrant'. You need to choose the right base, floral scene, and flowers to construct the courtyard according to the recipe.

Theme 1 Recipe

Here is the recipe for The Purple Sakura Lies Sparse courtyard.

  • Moonlight on the Sand base;
  • Swaying Shion scene;
  • Champagne Bloom flowers.
First Theme
The first theme of the Floral Courtyard event is pretty easy to construct.

Besides, you need to arrange Champagne Bloom flowers by adjusting their heights according to the recipe. Here is the height of the six main flowers.

  • The front-left flower is short;
  • The front-center flower is medium;
  • The front-right Champagne Bloom is short;
  • The back-left main flower is medium;
  • The back-center Champagne Bloom is tall;
  • The back-right flower is tall.

You need to go to see Fushizome in Inazuma's port town to get the theme and start the quest. The Flower Vessel to decorate is right next to her.

Check Out The Theme
Get the theme of the floral courtyard from the NPC in Inazuma.

Theme 2 Recipe

The second theme is unlocked the day after the first recipe. Check out the recipe for the second theme of floral courtyard here.

  • Crystal Ripples base;
  • Dewdrop Cobochon floral scene;
  • Main flowers:
Positions Types of flower Height
Front left Water Lily's Dream tall
Front center Lotus on the Rain tall
Front right Pale Blush of Brush short
Back left Pale Blush of Brush medium
Back center Pale Blush of Brush tall
Back right Pale Blush of Brush medium
Second Courtyard
The second courtyard's theme.

Theme 3 Recipe

The third theme is the Jade leaves do repose. Here is the recipe for this courtyard. You need to choose more than one main flower for this courtyard.

  • Wild Laurel base;
  • Verdant Leaves in the Balmy Breeze scene;
  • Main flowers:
Positions Types of flower Height
Front left The promise of Blue Skies short
Front center Silhouette of the Wind's Reverie medium
Front right The promise of Blue Skies short
Back left Sunset Shadows medium
Back center Silhouette of the Wind's Reverie tall
Back right The promise of Blue Skies medium
Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard Day 3
The third courtyard theme.

Theme 4 recipe

'The branches, curved like rainbows' is the last theme of the Genshin Impact Floral Courtyard event. Check out its recipe here.

  • Flourishing Bloom base;
  • The scene is Flowing Melodies and Rainbow Branches;
  • Main flowers:
Positions Types of flower Height
Front left Ring of Hearts short
Front center Silhouette of the Wind's Reverie short
Front right Ring of Hearts short
Back left Mirror of the Sun medium
Back center Mirror of the Sun tall
Back right Plume of Wishes medium

III. Floral Courtyard Rewards

To unlock the Floral Courtyard event, you need to Legends of the Kasen Quest in the True Tales quest chain. Besides, only players above Adventure Rank 30 can take part in this event. After completing each courtyard theme, you open the event lobby to claim rewards.

Moreover, players will get the floral courtyard to place in the Serenity Pot. Besides, you will get many materials and Primogems after completing all themes of the courtyard.

  • Primogems x160;
  • Mora x120,000;
  • A new vessel;
  • Character talent level-up materials x5.
Claim Event Rewards
Claim event rewards from the event banner after completing the construction.

IV. All Furnishings In Floral Courtyard

There are three parts of a floral courtyard with many furnishing options, including base, floral scene, and main flowers. Check out all furnishings in the floral courtyard.

#1. Base

You need to select the base before other elements. It covers the vessels. Each courtyard uses a unique base and vessel. There are four bases:

  • Moonlight on Sand;
  • Crystal Ripples;
  • Wild Laurel;
  • Flourishing Bloom.

#2. Floral Scene

After choosing the right base, you have to select the floral scene. You also have four floral scenes to choose from, including:

  • Swaying Shion;
  • Dewdrop Cabochon;
  • Verdant Leaves in the Balmy Breeze;
  • Flowing Melodies and Rainbow Branches

#3. Main Flowers

There are twelve types of main flowers to decorate your courtyard. Each courtyard may have one or more main flowers.

Suzumecha Swirl Sunset Shadows Fox Ear Tamago Water Lily's Dreams
The promise of Blue Skies Pale Blush of Brush Plume of Wishes Silhouette of the Wind's Reverie
Lotus in the Rain Ring of Hearts Champagne Bloom Mirror of the Sun
Select The Base
There are many bases, scenes, and flowers to decorate.

Follow the recipe of the first floral courtyard theme to construct the required courtyard. Come back tomorrow to unlock the second part of this event with a new theme and lots of rewards.

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