Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus 2.6 rerun is the second event in Hues Of The Violet Garden. You need to complete it before unlocking the Clash of Lone Blades. Check out how to complete the second stage and claim all rewards here.

I. Theater Mechanicus Schedule & Unlock

Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Brilliance is live between April 7th and 25th, 2022.  There are four stages of the Theater Mechanicus with different challenges and domain structures. Besides, you have different sets of Mechanicus to set up and eliminate waves of enemies.

To be eligible for this event, you need to reach AR 30 and unlock the Hues Of The Violet Garden event first. Then, complete the world quest True Tales Of The Violet Garden: Act 2. Go to see Komakata in Inazuma City and talk to her to start the challenge.

Go To See Komakata
Go to see Komakata and start the challenge.

II. Show of Force Best Setup

Players need to select the right characters and Mechanicus set to construct in the theater in order to trap and kill enemies in all Theater Mechanicus events.

#1. Best Characters

The best Genshin Impact characters for the second stage are Geo and Anemo characters. You should choose characters who have crowd control abilities, such as Sucrose, Jean, Geo/Anemo Travelers, Zhongli, and Kazuha.

Theater Mechanicus Stage Of Brilliance
Use characters with crowd-control abilities.

#2. Mechanicus Setup

After selecting characters, you need to select the Fortune and Mystic Sticks for the base. Here are the five best fortune sticks for stage 2.

  • Undercurrent
  • Swell
  • Surging Fury
  • Hailstone
  • Uninhibited

Besides, you should use the Deterrence Mystic Stick. While constructing mechanic statues, you should place Cryo and Hydro Mechanicus close in order to freeze and stop enemies. In addition, use Anemo characters to gather enemies.

Next, use Zhongli and Geo Travelers to slow down some big enemies, such as the Ruin Guards and Stonehide Lawachurl. Moreover, the elemental skill of these Geo characters can break the shield of Stonehide Lawachurl to make them more vulnerable to Mehanicus' attacks.

Freeze Enemies
Freeze enemies and stop them from exiting the theater.

III. Enter The Horde Setup

You can keep the team for this stage because there is no change in the enemy waves. However, the construction for the 'Enter The Horde' in stage 2 should be changed. Firstly, players also need to select fortune sticks for the construction.

The best fortune sticks for this stage include Frost Pellet, Swell, Brambles, Uninhibited, Long Arm, Surging Fury, Rolling Thunder, and Constancy. Apart from the Deterrence mystic stick, you can select an Arrow Shower.

You also place Cryo and Hydro right in front of two gates where enemies come out to freeze them. In addition, construct three Binding Mechanici among them. On the second platform near the exit, surround a Binding Mechanicus with four Longbow Mechanici.

To deal with large enemies like Ruin Guards and Stonehide Lawachurl, use the best timing to close the Adeptus Bridge when they are midway on the bridge. That's the only way to kill them.

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